Dee LaValle
Fair Director

Dee LaValle
Dee was named Fantasia Fair Director this past year after serving as Programming and Communications Coordinator in 2018. Dee has been a regular Fantasia Fair and First Event attendee ever since she began her transition five years ago. Dee and her spouse Jolie reside in Massachusetts with their two amazing teenagers. Dee works for an international multimedia corporation. In her career she has held numerous senior leadership positions in management, operations, procurement, distribution/logistics, sales, and marketing. Her skills include team building, project management, statistical analysis, Six Sigma, and Lean Manufacturing.

Jolie LaValle
Fantasia Fair 2019 will be Jolie’s fourth Fair and she is honored to be entering her third as the SO coordinator. She and her loving spouse Dee have been married for 25 years and have two teenagers. Born and raised in Massachusetts, Jolie graduated from Wellesley College and works in the financial services industry.

Temperance DuWitt
Temperance has just attended her sixth Fantasia Fair and last year was named Registrar. As Registrar, she considers it to be a true gift to be able to serve the Fair in such a personal and intimate manner. In 2015 she was recognized with the Fantasia Fair Congeniality Award and in 2017, she was thrilled to be awarded the Fair’s highest honor, the Fantasia Fair Award. A native Washingtonian, she currently holds two college degrees in music as well as two college degrees in computer science. At present, she resides near Rehoboth Beach, DE, but frequently travels to and from the Washington, DC area. Temperance is delighted to know all the wonderful women and men she has met at Fantasia Fair over the years and is honored to call many of them her family and life-long friends.