Mr. Matthew Francis

I am an alum of USM in Portland Maine, I began my social activism journey in spring of 2013 after surviving a devastating cancer diagnosis. I spoke at the breaking of the new cancer community center and realized I loved it. I then went on to transition from female to male in August 2013 and reconcile my Christian traditional beliefs with being a transgender person. I started at the time the only transgender talk show in the country at CTN to address the appalling and grim statistics of our community and humanize transgender folks and issues. The show with its humble beginnings has become quite popular and enjoying some success in a bigger studio in Portsmouth at PPMTV. I conduct workshops nationally particularly in mental health settings, hospitals and Universities. I am the author of My Resurrected Spirit which address generational poverty, child abuse, mental health due to trauma, cancer faith and being transgender it is the first book of it' kind attempting to tackle substantial issues in one volume, currently My Resurrected Spirit is enjoying much success. I have enjoyed giving and receiving interviews. My passion is trauma and trauma related mental health issues such as PTSD, dissociation and anxiety issues.