Mimi Lemay

Mimi Lemay is an advocate for transgender youth, and the proud parent of a 7-year-old transgender son, Jacob. She began her advocacy shortly after the family transitioned, writing a blog post about the experience in A Letter to my Son Jacob on His 5th Birthday which was reprinted with permission by Boston.com. From there, the Lemays went on to share their story with NPR's Robin Young and in April 2015 were featured in an NBC Nightly News and Today Show segment aimed to educate viewers about gender identity in young children. Since then, the Lemay family, oldest to youngest, continues to advocate for transgender equality, and they have lobbied for the passage of Massachusetts' equal access public accommodations law. They believe that the key to securing equality and safety for Jacob and other gender non-conforming children is by sharing their story and increasing understanding. To that end, Mimi is writing a memoir which weaves her own experiences growing up in, and ultimately leaving, her strict Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, and her adult life parenting a trans child. Mimi and her husband Joe are proud members of the Parent Council for Transgender Equality at the Human Rights Campaign in Washington, DC. She holds a BA in U.S.-Iranian Relations from Boston University and a Masters in Law & Diplomacy from the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy at Tufts University.