Sherri Miller

Sherri Miller, M. ED., CCC-SLP, is the founder and principal speech-language pathologist of Speech & Language Resources, Framingham and Hopkinton. Sherri began her career in 1976 working with hearing impaired, language learning disabled children and adolescents in the public school setting. After receiving her Master’s degree from Northeastern University in 1980, her experience branched out to include working with adults after strokes and head injuries in hospital, nursing home and home health settings. She has provided workshops for home health agencies, educational staff and parents. In addition, she had been a guest lecturer at Northeastern University, Worcester State College, and Framingham Union Hospital (now Metro West) and was an impetus to begin their modified swallowing studies. She mentors graduate students. Her specialties include the development of programs for voice for individuals who are transgender, children, adolescents, and young adults with language - learning disorders, treatment of apraxia, myofunctional disorders,, aphasia, swallowing disorders and parent advocacy. She is the past Chair of the Private Practice Committee of MSHA as well as the past President of PROBUS (Professional Business) a professional organization which helped raise money for those with disabilities including support for Camp Arrowhead, Natick. She was an integral initiator of the Insurance Bill which provides the consumer the benefits of insurance reimbursement for speech therapy by private practitioners.