Ms. Hannah Moor

Hi My Name is Hannah I started, as I can remember, as a Transgender girl when I was 7ish and realizing that it just makes sense and my transgender life grew from there, I self Id. as a very Girly Female - Transgender Girl. I do not hide my Transgender "development" I I feel being Transgender is a badge of honor and i am proud of it. I am out, and have been for quite some time. My professional background is of a licensed Engineer I also own my own company, which has its own set of challenges and that is besides being Transgender. Throughout Life I have always faced challenges head on and I am able to make the best out of all that life has had in store for me, and I look forward to what is next! I am always looking to what is next. I hope I raise more questions than life has answers for, I consider myself a being in progress because I believe that life is not finite nor bounded. I see my life as a culmination of years of being and development. Seeing oneself as the sum of parts of the two genders.