Diane Ellaborn

Diane Ellaborn, LICSW, DCSW. Ms. Ellaborn underwent in-depth specialized training and years of supervision to become a gender specialist. Diane is a compassionate and caring professional who had devoted almost 30 years of her 40 year career to the care and counseling of transgender children, adolescents and adults. This has been her primary specialty in her full time private practice. Ms. Ellaborn has seen over 1,000 clients with gender dysphoria spanning 5 to 80 years old. She is a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). She meets the WPATH Standards of Care (SOC) criteria to be considered a qualified mental health professional with competency to work with adults, adolescents and children who present with gender dysphoria. She is considered an expert in the field of gender dysphoria. She frequently trains and supervises other gender therapists. Ms. Ellaborn has presented workshops and provided trainings on gender dysphoria locally and internationally including workshops at First Event since 1996. She is one of the founding organizers of the First Event Professional Training. She was one of the first presenters to do youth and family workshops since 2009. She has testified as a gender specialist in court cases including federal tax court and cases on behalf of transgender prisoners. She has been a consultant on workplace trainings to major corporations, educational institutions such as MIT and state agencies such as the Department of Mental Health. She has provided in-depth training to school systems on student gender transition and transgender issues. She has also appeared locally and nationally on television as a gender specialist. In her private practice Ms. Ellaborn has developed an extensive network of resources for her transgender clients and their families including referrals to medical, surgical and supportive services. Diane Ellaborn, LICSW, DCSW is located in Framingham, MA and can be reached at at 508-788-5406 or ellaborn@aol.com.