Belle Brine

Belle A. Brine, owner of About You Hair Removal, was harnessing the power of electricity in a much larger form long before she became an electrologist. By the end of her 30-year career as a Lead Engineer at the University of Illinois, she had developed a deep understanding of electrical current. She now uses that knowledge to help better utilize the power of the milliampere for large volume hair removal through electrolysis with the Apilus Platinum System. Over the last 25 years, Belle has reached out to electrologists nation-wide for assistance with her own hair removal needs. Through this process, she was able to establish strengths and weaknesses of hair removal modalities and techniques. After retiring from the University of Illinois, Belle pursued her passion to give back to the community by sharing what she has learned to be effective and comfortable. By creating About You Permanent Hair Removal, Belle connects those in need of facial feminization and large volume electrolysis with professional, licensed electrologists who provide cutting edge services.