Ms. Emma Croft
Emma Morgaine Croft

Second time around and hoping to succeed. I have a wonderful supportive wife who is looking forward to us being two old ladies raising our alpacas together. Fighting through the memories of trying to come out in the 90's. I lost family, friends, and was financially ruined. This time I have my wife and a nice farm where I have the privacy to be me. This will be my first time out in public since the 90's when I represented the community during a UU church in Newport's LGBT awareness seminars. I went for a number of weeks to talk about being trans and the issues we face. It was wonderful to just be accepted. Unfortunately, I was beaten back by family and society. Thanks to information from FE2016 and good counseling and doctors, I went full time as of July 12th, 2016. I am now Emma Morgaine Croft