Ms. Lida Mullendore

Lida Mullendore is a transwoman who transitioned M2F in 2011 at the age of 57 with the support of family, friends, and her employer while working in an office of 450. Over 18 months, she completed 20 hours of feminizing surgery. Lida is a Software Engineer and is currently taking a break to pursue other interests. She lives in the Boston area with her 24 year old son who is a Graphic Designer. An avid basketball player and cyclist for much of her life, since transition, Lida’s passions have expanded to include competitive pool (pocket billiards), West Coast Swing partner dancing, and her boyfriend who she met on the dance floor! She remains active in the transgender community, taking great joy in mentoring those starting on their gender journey as well as doing outreach by living her life 100% “out” with authenticity and pride.