Dr. Maureen Osborne
Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Maureen Osborne is a clinical psychologist licensed in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, who has specialized in gender identity issues for the last 25 years. Her theoretical orientation and training in Contextual Therapy provided a natural backdrop for her interest in relational ethics and justice dynamics as they apply to the transgender journey. She has presented talks and workshops at many different national and international gender conferences, and appeared in the award-winning documentary "Trans", as well as the documentary "Just Gender". Dr. Osborne has led the Couples track at Fantasia Fair for the last 10 years, and was presented with the "Friend of the Fair" award in 2015. She identifies as a fierce and loyal ally to the LGBTQ Community. Dr. Osborne transitioned to a semi-retired life on Cape Cod in 2014, and she now maintains a small private practice where she works in both live and video conference formats. Her therapy practice is limited to transgender adults, adolescents, couples, and families, with the goal to help them maintain and rework important relational ties in the midst of changes in the gender awareness and expression. She also provides case consultation, clinical supervision, and training.