Gia Drew
Program Director, EqualityMaine, Diversity Consultant

Gia Drew is Program Director at EqualityMaine, working to advance and protect the rights of LGBTQ Mainers. At EqualityMaine, Gia works to end discrimination against transgender Mainers, oversees education and outreach, youth programming, and advocates for polices and laws that protect the LGBTQ community. She recently served as President of the Board of Directors for Maine Transgender Network, a statewide organization that provides support and resources for the transgender community. She also operates Gia Drew Consulting, which provides education and knowledge to better understand sex and gender diversity in regards to public policy, business practices, educational settings, and healthcare. Before becoming a LGBTQ advocate, she was a high school teacher and coach for twenty years. In that time, she became one of Maine's first OUT transgender public school teachers and one of the first transgender high school coaches in the country.