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Daily Schedule for Thursday January 31, 2019

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9:00A Newcomers' Orientation Ms. Lida Mullendore Sudbury

Ms. Lida
Welcome Newcomers to the First Event Newcomers' Orientation. Please join us each morning at 9 am where we will welcome you personally and answer any questions.
10:00A Awakening as Trans in Body, Mind, and Spirit Maddie Makara BoxBorough

This workshop is primarily for trans people, but may also be helpful for their partners and allies. What does coming out and transitioning mean to you? Make it as exciting and beautiful as possible by defining it BIG -- as the pursuit of your "best self." Transitioning can be not only about revealing yourself to others but also about discovering yourself. This workshop explores a holistic approach touching on physical health of the body, clarity and empowerment in the mind, and inspiration and joy of the spirit. Maddie will offer valuable insights she has learned from her own journey as well as a few simple meditation exercises that have helped her along the way. Embark on your own adventure through coming out and transitioning with grace and grit by planning the journey thoughtfully, obtaining a good map of the territory, and bringing along some friends and loved ones as travel buddies.
10:00A Own it! Living the Real You Ms. Emma Croft Hudson

Ms. Emma
One of the things we hear most during transitioning is about "passing". This sometimes can become an obsession and a limiting factor towards becoming ourselves. In this workshop we will look at the limiting factors for ourselves, our own observations of cis-gender people, and how we can shape and mold our own thoughts to empower ourselves. The idea of owning it, came from a group session in which I was participating. In response to one of the others who was so caught up in the labels and the limitations that it brings, I told them to stop living their lives as they believe others want, but take control of their life and OWN IT! We all have a beautiful spirit to share. We all have had so much to overcome. We should not allow our own thoughts to become our enemy.
10:00A About Face -The Alchemy of Makeup Ms. Natasha Savoy Northborough

Ms. Natasha
Teaming up - Natasha and Tabitha of My Changing Room - Boston - BRING IT with the ever popular Alchemy of Makeup workshop. This intimate sharing of the creative possibilities and power of transformation with makeup covers important techniques with specific focus on creating an individualized look and dealing with specific issues. There will be discussion about color theory, product reviews (what goes where and why and do you need it). We will provide tips to solve particular problems such as the ever elusive beard cover, getting eyeliner right, and drama vs. balance. We will learn how to create realistic day looks and how to easily bump that look up to a full glamour evening look. Included will be demonstrations with attendees and plenty of time to take questions and provide suggestions.
10:00A Navigating Health Care and Insurance for HIV Prevention and more Wellness Program Mr. George Hastie
Kevin Herwig

Mr. George

Health care and insurance are complicated and challenging to navigate, even more so for transgender and gender non-conforming individuals, who are are disproportionately affected by HIV. In this workshop we will share specific resources in Massachusetts for people at risk for HIV and living with HIV, give people (whatever your health status or issues) helpful pointers on accessing and maintaining health insurance, and provide space to share and discuss stories about obstacles encountered in getting care. Topics can include health insurance confidentiality, concerns of youth and young adults as well as those of older folks, awareness of subsidized health care coverage. and issues for people who are undocumented. The workshop facilitators will share their work with the state's PrEP, nPEP, and HIV drug assistance programs.
10:00A Integrated Primary Care and Gender Affirming Surgery Wellness Program Dr. Robert Goldstein Sterling

Dr. Robert
Attendees will hear from primary care providers and surgeons from the MGH Transgender Health Program. We will review the services available at MGH, including primary care, hormone management, behavioral health, and gender affirming surgery. The surgery team will discuss the successful procedures performed at MGH, including top surgery, phalloplasty and penile transplant. The extent of services will be described and much of the MGH Transgender Health Program team will be present to answer questions about the program.
10:00A Not Everyone’s Doing It: Understanding Asexuality Kelly Novak Sudbury

This will be an Asexuality 101 workshop. In a hyper-sexual society such as ours, asexuality is an enigma to many people. In this workshop, we will explore the following questions: What does it mean to be asexual? What are the myths associated with asexuality? Why is there so much stigma and prejudice directed against asexuals? How can we build support and understanding for asexual people in the LGBT Community? In addition, we will reflect on people who are both asexual and transgender and challenges faced by asexual people in relationships. This is also hands-on; audience participation and discussion is welcomed. We have cake (you will learn why if you come).
1:30P 3 Ways to Deal with Life's Challenges Wellness Program Rev. Donna Smith Hudson

Rev. Donna
Emotional Freedom Technique also know as Tapping, is a relaxation technique used to relieve stress, anxiety, depression, traumas and emotional upset. This technique can be used with a certified practitioner or on your own. Once you learn how to tap using the Basic Recipe of the tapping sequence, it can be used anywhere at anytime. I use the modality to help people release stress, anxiety and sleeplessness with LGBTQ military veterans who are having challenges around being in a combat zone and not being able to let go of the experiences they had while deployed. Tapping is not a cure but a method similar to meditation, to help someone relax, let go and empower themselves to deal with daily challenges as well as past traumas. Come tap with me and let me guide you through a very successful modality of letting go and balancing the body's energy, help you cope with day to day challenges.
1:30P A Healthy, Happy Sex Life - HIV and STI Risk in the Transgender Community Wellness Program Dr. Robert Goldstein Southborough

Dr. Robert
In a joint presentation between the MGH Transgender Health Program and MGH Sexual Health Clinic, we will discuss the risk for HIV and other STIs in the transgender community, as well as ways to prevent and treat infections. There will be a focus on pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for those at risk, as well as resources for free testing and treatment centers that can provide gender affirming sexual health care. Attendees will hear from social workers, nurses and physicians who are providing care to transgender and non-binary individuals in the community.
1:30P Transgender Personalities in History, Part I Melissa Morton Sudbury

Since humankind began to define the boundaries of gender behavior, there have been people who have defied or crossed over those boundaries. Hear about some of these individuals, from the 15th to the 21st centuries. Some of them were male to female, others of them were female to male. Some of them were transgender for most of their lives, others for only brief but significant periods in their lives. The deeds of some of these people have inspired books, plays, operas, and even beverages. All of them left a legacy of some sort. A brief biography of each individual profiled is available upon request.
1:30P How to Tell Your Story So People Can Hear It Meghann Perry
Andrea Lovett


In this workshop, veteran teaching artists Meghann Perry and Andrea Lovett will use participatory exercises that allow attendees to explore their own true stories while learning about the craft of personal storytelling, and how to utilize methods that allow them to reach broader audiences. We'll start with a story told by Meghann to demonstrate the power of storytelling to bring people together, even with taboo topics, and to exemplify the type of storytelling we'll learn about in the workshop. Andrea and Meghann will then lead several exercises to help participants choose a story to tell, and start to shape it into a five-minute personal story. They will then explore how to enhance the stories with gestures, the five senses, pauses, strong first and last lines, and other methods of bringing it to life. Finally, Meghann and Andrea will talk about how people can tell their stories so that they reach a broad audience, using universal themes and touch points that draw the audience into deep listening and allow them to relate, regardless of the subject matter of the story.
3:00P Talk Saves Lives LGBTQ+ Wellness Program Tara Greeley


Suicide can be prevented. This Talk Saves Lives LGBTQ+ presentation will cover what we know about this leading cause of death, the most up-to-date research on prevention, and what we can all do to fight suicide. It is based off of the general community-based Talk Saves Lives presentation. Participants will learn the common risk factors for suicide in LGBTQ+ populations, how to spot the warning signs in others, and how to keep ourselves, our loved ones and those in our community safe. The presentation is accompanied by materials for all participants, typically including a wallet-size LifeSavers Manual, Talk Saves Lives print information and the National Suicide Prevention Crisis Hotline and Text Line information. The presentation invites conversation and questions.
3:00P Gentle Mindfulness for All Genders Marjatta Moimas Southborough

This is a Gentle Mindfulness Workshop for All Genders. We will explore a handful of short mindfulness practices and depending on the group's wishes, also some mindful movement/walking meditation. You don't have to stop thinking or exclude any part of who you are in order to participate. Mindfulness invites us to be with our present moment experience with kindness towards ourselves and our experience. All practices can be done sitting, standing or lying down. No previous experience required. This workshop is not recommended for anyone with a very acute mental health crisis, psychosis, self-harming or recent hospitalization. The workshop ends with a loving kindness meditation to embrace the community and connection.