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Daily Schedule for Friday January 31, 2020

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8:30A Registration and Information Mezzanine - Exeter Foyer
9:00A Non-Binary Community Lounge 9 AM - 1 PM Berkley/Clarendon
9:00A Transgender People of Color (TPOC) Community Lounge 9 AM- 1 PM People of Color Program Hancock
9:00A Vendor Room Mezzanine/Statler
9:00A "The Closet" Pop-up Thrift Store Terrace
9:00A Successful Transition at Work - It Takes a Village Corporate Ally Irene Brank
Ms. Renee Degon
Back Bay


Ms. Renee
Participants in this workshop will gain an understanding of why taking a team approach to gender transition in the workplace is a more successful approach. The workshop will cover everything from who is on the team, who needs to know, how to build a plan, and execution of that plan. Participants will hear from one woman who transitioned at work using this approach and how it changed her life.
9:00A Navigating Partnerships: the Challenges for Our Partners, Spouses and Significant Others Ms. Christine Campbell-Caulfield
Lisa Dacer
Beacon Hill

Ms. Christine

Being in any long-term committed relationship has its ups and downs; finding a way through as one partner comes out as transgender has unique and special challenges. Every relationship has its own chemistry, and keeping that going takes patience, humor, and a continuing evolution of both partners in order to make it work. This workshop will present ideas, common threads and experiences, and workable solutions to those challenges. Although the presentation is structured, there will be time set aside afterwards for questions and discussion.
9:00A Transgender Personalities in History, Part I Melissa Morton Boylston

Since humankind began to define the boundaries of gender behavior, there have been people who have defied or crossed over those boundaries. Hear about some of these individuals, from the 15th to the 21st centuries. Some of them were male to female, others of them were female to male. Some of them were transgender for most of their lives, others for only brief but significant periods in their lives. The deeds of some of these people have inspired books, plays, operas, and even beverages. All of them left a legacy of some sort. A brief biography of each individual profiled is available upon request. Part I goes up to the 1860s, including the American Civil War.
9:00A First time attendee orientation People of Color Program Spouse/Significant Other Program Wellness Program Transmasculine Program Brookline

This will be a daily 1/2 hour session for first time attendees and those who want information about First Event.
9:00A Successfully positioning one's self to succeed in the job search as an out Transgender person Corporate Ally Ms. Phyllis Swanson-Welton Cambridge

Ms. Phyllis
Very high rates of unemployment continue to plague the Transgender community in spite of progress made in recent years and in spite of very low unemployment overall in the US economy. Transgender people who are unemployed often face a higher bar for employment than many others who are unemployed, solely because to who they are. Join Phyllis Swanson-Welton, an out Transgender woman who works in the Boston Financial community, for an open ended discussion on how Transgender people can work to successfully position themselves during the transition period from unemployment to securing meaningful employment, and what this particularly trying time in one's life and journey can bring in ways that can reward the Transgender job seeker, who will ultimately take on their next professional role with a new sense of purpose and meaning in their workplace.
9:00A Being Dual-Gender, exploring what it means to be Bi-Gender Ms. Linda Mills Charles River

Ms. Linda
A short introduction on what being Bi-Gender means personally to the presenter, the positive joys of being Bi-Gendered, and how this duality has enriched his/her life. To be followed by a group discussion with audience members sharing their own experiences.
9:00A Surviving Voices - Transgender community HIV & Aids Wellness Program Mr. Jevon Martin Tremont

Mr. Jevon
In 2019, the Surviving Voices oral history project explored the impact of the AIDS pandemic on the transgender community. This video and interviews in this collection shed a light on the experiences of transgender women and men as well as non-binary and gender non-conforming individuals with HIV & AIDS. They also honor the contributions of the members of this community (both HIV+ and HIV-) to the fight against AIDS. We will discuss the barriers & disparities of the trans community. We will explore how homelessness is a risk factor & what we can do to eradicate HIV & homelessness together through education & adequate housing. Documentary is coproduced by Jevon Martin.
10:00A Ball Room 101 People of Color Program Youth & Family Program Spouse/Significant Other Program Wellness Program Transmasculine Program Athena Vaughn Arlington

This is A forum to talk about all things Ballroom, as well as to showcase and unpack what ballroom is how it impacts our Lgbtq community of color, and also to have some fun ,
10:00A Trans 101 Dr. Roxanne Cherry Beacon Hill

Dr. Roxanne
Are you new to the trans community and looking for information and support? Do you want to be an ally but aren't entirely sure what that entails? Would you like to have a conversation with a psychologist who specializes in gender concerns? Then this workshop is for you! Participants will learn respectful terminology to address concepts specific to gender identity issues, which will also communicate that you are educated and sensitized to gender creative individuals. We will also discuss common co-occurring conditions, such as social anxiety, depression and self-medicating behaviors. And we'll prepare ourselves to assist in goals that are common to gender-creative individuals, including coming out, medical and social transition, hormone therapy, changing legal documents, employment and school concerns.
10:00A Relationships within the Context of Gender and Sexuality Dr. Gennifer Herley Boylston

Dr. Gennifer
This Group participatory workshop will explore the feelings of anyone in the Trans Community who has or would like to integrate their identity and sexuality with their spouse, girlfriend and or waqsignificant other. Regardless of your unique situation whether you are full-time, part-time, have realized your identity early or late. Whether, you consider yourself to be transgender, MTF, FTM, non-binary, crossdresser, genderfluid, or other. Whether, you sexually identify as straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer or other. As a group let’s hear each other’s stories so that may learn from one another. There are always similarities and differences from where we come from. Hopefully by sharing stories you will discover where you are going and where you would like to be in your current or future relationship. So come share your story in this workshop and let’s find some strategies and new ways to communicate in the relationship you are in or would like to be in
10:00A Confronting Stress and Finding Happiness Wellness Program Gia Drew Brandeis

Being trans and living with a mental illness has been very stressful. I’ve often struggled with how can I be happy and queer, when it seems like the whole world doesn't care about you? This interactive and participant centered presentation will provide attendees the opportunity to reflect on the stress and trauma many of us live with, as well as provide avenues to create a unique self-care plan that is grounded in the real world, based in neuroscience, and provides a realistic pathway to finding real joy.
10:00A Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program's Transgender Program - what have we learned over the past 12 years? Ms. Pam Klein Brookline

Ms. Pam
Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program (BHCHP) initiated a Transgender Program in 2008. In this session both patients and providers will talk about how and why this program got started, how the program has evolved, and what we are hoping for the future. We will engage attendees in a brainstorming session about strategies to address homelessness and unstable housing among the transgender population.
10:00A Girl Talk Heather Leigh Cabot

This is a candid discussion regarding the societal norms of living as a woman in today's world, mediated by a cis gender trans ally, Heather Leigh. Gain knowledge of how cis women think and perceive the world.This understanding will help you merge and present as your authentic self into mainstream society. Learn the secrets and unwritten rules that have been passed down from mother to daughter. This discussion is based off of questions that I have been asked while hosting DIVA Social. Please come ask the questions you've always wondered about but were afraid to ask.
10:00A Building Workplace Community Through Storytelling Corporate Ally Irene Brank
Samantha Brank
Ms. Renee Degon



Ms. Renee
Diversity and inclusion in the workplace includes a wide variety of family members that are supporting transgender youth, young adults, and other family members as they traverse transition school, college, work, and life. Please join us as we talk about using our voices to connect with people in the workplace. Irene Brank will lead the discussion about how her story has created a community that supports the transgender community and their loved ones. You will also hear from Irene's daughter Samantha and Renee Degon, a woman whose life was forever changed because of one story. Together we are able to open hearts and minds and create a culture of greater acceptance and connection.
10:00A Dealing with parents who won’t accept trans partner (for trans people & partners) Spouse/Significant Other Program Shen C
Erik H
Charles River


Unfortunately, some parents don’t see trans partners as ‘real’ partners, or a relationship with a trans person as a ‘real’ relationship. This is painful and invalidating, as those who should be our closest allies instead make us feel ashamed for who we are, and/or for who we love. Let’s come together to share our feelings & experiences, our ways of coping, and our strategies for breaking through. This event is intended for trans people whose partner’s parents are not accepting, and for our partners.
10:00A FTM Meeting New Friends/dating Transmasculine Program Natalie E
Dr. Declan OConnor


Dr. Declan
Natalie’s first event was last year. She recognized the challenge of dating, meeting new friends, and wanting to establish a safe and private way to meet. She intends to talk with a F2M colleague on transitioning and the steps but then also spend some time discussing dating. Any transitioning folks and then also anyone looking to date and meet should come to this seminar. Please be prepared to identify about the kind of person you are seeking :)
10:00A Keys to Customized Facial Feminization Surgery: Obtain the best results for You Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel Tremont

Dr. Jeffrey
In this seminar Dr. Spiegel, who is recognized as a pioneer and leader in facial feminization surgery, will use his more than 20 years of experience to describe the best surgical approaches and techniques. You'll learn what to do, and equally importantly, what not to do. This interactive seminar is fun, informative, and interactive. You can be a fly on the wall or participate in full. Either way, you'll leave with deep understanding of what can be done and the many wonderful options available.
10:00A Trans-Parenthood Mx. Alexander Renzi
Marc Tierney
White Hill

Mx. Alexander

We will discuss our own journies to parenthood and different pathways to starting a family. Q&A about the choices to start a family and how, what pregnancy and birth was like and current issues about parenting while trans.
10:00A Working with Transgender People: What Businesses Need to Know Corporate Ally Mr. Noah Lewis Whittier

Mr. Noah
Transgender people have become more visible in society, but most people do not have a close friend or family member who is transgender. Consequently, most people still have a lot of questions about what it means to be transgender and how to respectfully interact with transgender co-workers and customers. This workshop weaves together what discrimination against transgender people looks like along with the legal rights of transgender people to present a picture of what best practices in the workplace look like. We’ll specifically cover the importance of having transgender-inclusive health insurance. Instead of being simply a recitation of terminology or a list of “shoulds,” this training provides participants with the ability to gain a fundamentally different understanding of transgender issues that will allow them to independently apply that knowledge to any situation they may encounter involving a transgender person.
11:00A Experiences of Transgender Adults Navigating Healthcare Access in Massachusetts Wellness Program Mx. Nic Tompkins-Hughes Back Bay

Mx. Nic
Recent research studies regarding transgender individuals’ experiences of discrimination in healthcare settings strongly recommend the value of qualitative data, and the need for research into how transgender patients find, obtain, and access medical care (preventatively and as needed). However, despite calls for qualitative data, limited qualitative studies have focused on healthcare access and experiences of transgender patients as of 2018. This exploratory qualitative study utilized semi-structured qualitative interviews asking about the experiences of transgender individuals accessing health care services in Massachusetts. A total of 8 participants were recruited through snowball sampling methods, and the resulting narrative data was analyzed using Grounded Theory. Presented information will include the research process/methodology and will review the consistent themes and access models discovered. Themes discovered include trends around internal perceptions of discriminatory experiences, as well as correlations between ongoing primary care provider relationships and likelihood of having negative or discriminatory experiences accessing healthcare. Incidental findings around how transgender patients experience safety in healthcare environments, and areas of opportunity for improving healthcare access experiences for transgender patients will also be reviewed. Theory created from this data, and the coded data itself, can be utilized to better inform healthcare access including materials, policy, and quality of care for transgender adults accessing healthcare in Massachusetts.
11:00A Bridging the Gap with the Transgender Community Ms. Karen Holmes Beacon Hill

Ms. Karen
To educate the Transgender Community on how to build themselves a platform of who they are and to gain work, respect, support, and understand from the general public by Bridging the Gap with the Transgender Community. I want to help our community to give a voice their voice to share with the public that we are awesome people. To hopefully fix or change the mines of the public who are against our community from the false information they have been feed. How we should tell our story in a way that the public know we are not what they have seen on the Jerry Springer Show.
11:00A Programs and Initiatives that build inclusive work environments Colleen Simonelli Brookline

Organizations today are seeking to be more inclusive. Typically, this means creating an environment where people feel like they belong. It means facilitating connections and cultivating behaviors that allow all members of a community to feel respected and appreciated. Where everyone feels they can be themselves. So, what does it mean to be inclusive for people that identify as having a gender identity or gender expression that is different than what they were assigned at birth? Join this interactive workshop to share your input on how organizations can do better to be inclusive. Your input will be collected, summarized and shared with companies in the Boston area as well as shared on social media.
11:00A Gender-affirming Hormone Therapy Julie Thompson Cambridge

This workshop will provide a review of the currently available gender-affirming hormone therapy options, expectations of hormone therapy, and lab monitoring recommendations. There will be a discussion of evidence-based recommendations of medications and dosing, as well as the unknowns that still remain when it comes to medications and safety.
11:00A When your parents won't accept you as trans Shen C
Mr. Ning X
Charles River


Mr. Ning
There are many ways in which a trans person may not be accepted by their parent(s). You may have little to no contact with them, by your choice or theirs. You may have a strained relationship where you cannot share major parts of your life. You may have to tiptoe around topics of gender, sexuality, and/or trans identity. Parents may abuse and gaslight you, and not admit to their prejudice and transphobia. This event is intended for trans people who have experienced difficulty in their relationships with parental figures after coming out. This event is also for people who plan to come out, and are seeking support for what may come next.
11:00A How did you know you were trans? (for transmasculine people) Transmasculine Program Erik H
Marc Tierney


Each transmasculine person has a different path to understanding ourselves as trans. In this support-group format, we will explore how we came to know who we are. Did you know when you were 5, or not until you were 50? Are you still questioning? What defines you as a man, as FTM, as nonbinary, as transmasculine? Is it your clothes? Your interests? Your body image? Who do you identify with? How do you feel inside, and how do you describe it? We will explore all of these ideas, and more. This supportive space is for transmasculine, FTM, AFAB-nonbinary, and for all those still questioning.
11:00A TD Bank Financial Planning workshop Corporate Ally Mr. Winson Wang Franklin

Mr. Winson
Winson Wang of TD Bank Boston will present a detailed financial planning track for both you and old. Regarding savings, higher education, retirement, and investment planning. Bring an open mind and all your financial questions. Learn and get help with banking and budgeting basics in the digital age. Find info on checking and savings account details, ATM's, Debit Cards, new ways to pay and how to keep track of your money.
11:00A What You Should Know About Injectable Aesthetics: Advanced Techniques for Your Biggest Problems Without Surgery! Dr. Onir Spiegel Tremont

Dr. Onir
Botox, Jeuveau, Dysport, Xeomin, Juvaderm, Restylane, Radiesse, Versa, Kybella, etc... You’ve heard these terms, now find out how they work and what products will work best for you! What about microneedling, Erbium, resurfacing laser treatments, CO2, RF, or Morpheus? Find out about the latest and best in medical aesthetics. If you don't know the great feminizing and beautifying power they have, then this seminar is a must! Dr. Onir will teach you what to choose, when to do it, and how to make the most of your appearance without surgery. Already had surgery? Learn how to keep yourself looking good! All will have a great time, and there may even be a live demonstration!
11:00A How to get trans health care covered by insurance Corporate Ally Mr. Noah Lewis Whittier

Mr. Noah
Will my health insurance cover transgender-­related health care? I’ve received a denial—how do I appeal it? My plan has an explicit exclusion—is there any way for me to challenge that? In most situations, denying trans­-related health care is illegal, but people still go without much-needed care because public and private health plans commonly exclude or deny coverage. This workshop will help you to understand how to apply for coverage and what to do if you are denied. Learn skills that you can take back to your community and be part of advancing trans health equality.
12:00P Job Fair - Hosted by the Massachusetts LGBT Chamber of Commerce Corporate Ally Avenue 34 Studio 1&2
1:00P Free CeCe - A documentary film on one of the most controversial imprisonments of a transgender woman in history. Ms. CeCe McDonald Arlington

Ms. CeCe
A documentary film on one of the most controversial imprisonments of a trans woman in history. On an outing with friends, CeCe, a transgender woman of colour, was brutally attacked. As she tried to defend herself, a man was killed, and CeCe was arrested for murder. Presented by Cece McDonald.
1:00P Spouse/Significant Other Community Lounge 1 PM - 5 PM Spouse/Significant Other Program Berkley/Clarendon
1:00P Transmasculine Community Lounge 1 PM - 5 PM Transmasculine Program Hancock
1:00P Big Spoon - Little Spoon; Where Do I fit In When My Partner/Loved One Transitions? Spouse/Significant Other Program Chloé LaCasse Commonwealth

Big Spoon - Little Spoon is an intimate and heart-opening journey for spouses, family and friends of questioning and transgender individuals. Told through the eyes and experiences of a transgender woman, Chloé shares her continuing story of self discovery. From unrelenting shame to falling in love with a person she was told never existed. Finding that the human experience was truly more amazing than she could have ever imagined. “Where do I, (will I) fit in?” isn’t just a common question; it’s THE question. And the answer is a lot simpler that you think!
1:00P Finding Your Voice Ms. Juliana Wall Emerson

Ms. Juliana
Let’s face it, transitioning is hard. If you are baby trans, living full time as your true self, or simply in the process of gender discovery, it is important to know you are not alone. Expressing yourself authentically is one of the most rewarding and terrifying aspects of transitioning. So how do you find your way? How do you present to the World who you truly are inside? In this workshop, co-hosted by Sherri Miller, M. Ed, speech pathologist, I share my transition story through the process of speech therapy. We review the basics of voice modulation for the purpose of presenting as your true self. I speak to the importance of trans people having a strong voice in our culture. So don’t be shy, I found my voice and so can you!
1:00P Phalloplasty and Metoidioplasty at the MGH Transgender Health Program Transmasculine Program Dr. Robert Goldstein
Curtis Cetrulo

Dr. Robert

Attendees will hear from the surgical team that performs masculinizing bottom surgeries at the MGH Transgender Health Program. Members from the surgical team will be presenting, including those from Urology, Gynecology and Plastics & Reconstructive Surgery, to discuss the surgical process and prior procedures.
2:00P Preparing for Gender Affirming Surgery - A Practical Guide Wellness Program Dr. Elizabeth Boskey
Ms. Maria Semnack
Back Bay

Dr. Elizabeth

Ms. Maria
This workshop is designed for people who are considering one or more gender affirming surgeries. A nurse and social worker who work in a gender surgery center will present the most common eligibility guidelines for various surgical procedures and explain how and what you may be expected to prepare before attending a surgical consult. During this workshop, the providers will discuss WPATH guidelines, insurance coverage (focusing on New England), letters, hair removal, and other aspects of getting ready to undergo top or bottom surgery. They will also answer questions about getting ready for surgery, what the consult process is like, and recovery from different procedures. Interested in attending? Please bring questions! Prepared questions should focus on general surgical issues (how do I get coverage for hair removal?) rather than individual medical concerns. The providers will not be providing medical advice during the workshop.
2:00P Will the Supreme Court Take Away LGBTQ. Rights? Ms. Rachel Alpert Beacon Hill

Ms. Rachel
The U.S. Supreme Court is about to rule on whether LGBTQ people can be fired from their jobs just because of who they are. Until now, most courts have protected trans and gay and lesbian employees. It looks like that’s about to change, and for trans people it will affect their school bathroom rights and educational opportunities. Rachel will discuss all the Supreme Court action and guide us through the U.S. laws.
2:00P Finding Our Way: When Sexual Orientation Changes Along With Gender Identity Mark Williams Brookline

When we transition, more than just our gender identity changes. A common consequence of transitioning is that one's sexual orientation is perceived by others to be different, even though our attractions may not have changed at all. In this workshop, we will explore the sexuality transition that often goes along with gender transition, share our experiences of navigating this shift in identity, and discuss strategies for renaming or redefining our sexuality after coming out as transgender.
2:00P Personal safety on the Street Ms. Rachel Rollins Cabot

Ms. Rachel
This course will cover : situation awareness, Threat management , Pre-contact cues, Self defense law of Mass. Also, tips and advise for handling yourself in the event that you find yourself in a mass shooting . Now . specifically , situation awareness is the understanding that your world is 360 degrees.Above and below, and how to practice to be aware of your surroundings. Threat management is , recognizing threatening behavior in others and creating distance from it , or de-escalating the encounter if you cannot get away. PRE -Contact cues , are physical movements and vocal signs that we must heed to warn us when our antagonist is about to strike. Self defense law of Mass. will be defined and discussed . Hopefully , we will have time for Qand A, AND I WILL BE HAPPY TO STAY AFTER FOR THOSE WHO HAVE QUESTIONS.
2:00P Feminization Make up Miss JD Dubois Commonwealth

Miss JD
I will show the audience a quick way to do their make up more flawless and natural I will teach the mistakes that mos girls do when applying makeup. Also how to camouflage most flaws, how to blur the flaws and also how to accentuate your best facial features. The basic make up you will need for morning outings. And also will give the audience tips on how to look their best when going out at night. A person from the audience will get a free makeup application.
2:00P Disability/Chronic Illness and Being Trans (Support Group) Wellness Program Erik H Constitution

Come and meet other folks who know the struggle! In this support-group format, we may discuss: How does your disability affect your ability to participate in the trans community? How does being trans affect your ability to advocate for yourself in healthcare settings? What are the mental, emotional, and physical impacts of being both disabled and trans? How does your disability journey inform your trans journey, and vice-versa? What kinds of discrimination have you experienced? How do these identities intersect, and where do they diverge? Come discuss these topics and more, among friendly trans-and-disabled peers. This session is led by a person who identifies as a trans person with a disability.
2:00P Tapping Into Your Creative Flow Ms. Linda Marks Newbury

Ms. Linda
Living a creative life is a joyful, inspired and rewarding path. With all the worldly pressures to do, produce and keep busy, it is hard to shift gears to the space where we connect with our creative channel. Creating rituals that support grounding, slowing down, opening to the creative flow and walking through the "open door" of creative inspiration before it closes are not only helpful for whatever creative medium we wish to work in, but also enlivening forms of self-care that enhance overall well-being and living life with an authentic sense of self. Join mind-body psychotherapist, singer-songwriter and multi-genre artist Linda Mark in exploring ways to open and tap into your creative flow.
2:00P Transitioning in the corporate workplace Ms. Jackie Euell St. James

Ms. Jackie
Self advocacy is critical in having a successful transition in the corporate workplace. While companies may talk the talk and have some degree of corporate policies in place, my lived experience is that I needed to continuously educate, inform and navigate the business environment in order to have an optimal outcome. I will share some tips and techniques that I found necessary before, during and after transition. There will be a short presentation followed by Q&A and discussion to help share additional ideas that members of the community may have.
2:00P MTF Top and Bottom Surgery: Aesthetically Natural and Functional Results in a One-Stage Procedure Dr. Sherman Leis Tremont

Dr. Sherman
Options for breast augmentation will be discussed and demonstrated including choice of incisions, shape and size of implant, saline versus silicone, placement of implants above or below the muscle, etc. Dr. Leis will also discuss his technique of one-stage vaginoplasty utilizing the penile inversion technique, neo-clitoris construction, and scrotal skin graft to increase vaginal depth. Recent cases will be demonstrated to show the natural results obtained with these techniques.
2:00P Building lasting relationships in the Transgender community Stephanie Horne White Hill

Finding friends who share our issues, are able to open up about themselves and to have lasting friendships are particularly difficult for many transgendered people. This session is about how to meet friends, build community and find happiness for yourself in having those you can trust and confide in who have issues that are the same as you face everyday.
3:00P Jeremy Du Interview Session Mr. Jeremy Du Back Bay

Mr. Jeremy
Interview Session
3:00P Talk Saves Lives LGBTQ+ Wellness Program Tara Greeley
Mr. David O'Leary
Beacon Hill


Mr. David
Suicide can be prevented. This Talk Saves Lives LGBTQ+ presentation will cover what we know about this leading cause of death, the most up-to-date research on prevention, and what we can all do to fight suicide. It is based off of the general community-based Talk Saves Lives presentation. Participants will learn the common risk factors for suicide in LGBTQ+ populations, how to spot the warning signs in others, and how to keep ourselves, our loved ones and those in our community safe. The presentation is accompanied by materials for all participants, typically including a wallet-size LifeSavers Manual, Talk Saves Lives print information and the National Suicide Prevention Crisis Hotline and Text Line information. The presentation invites conversation and questions.
3:00P Driving as Yourself/Driving While Dressed Robert Lapointe
Manon Lapointe


Whether it will be the first time driving as you preferred gender or you have years of experience, you can benefit from this seminar. We will help you deal with the anxiety of your first time dressed as you new gender behind the wheel, what you need to be prepared, and how to handle various situations like accidents, dealing with other people, being pulled over by the police and your rights should you be ticketed or arrested for driving under the influence.
3:00P Welcoming home the Exiles: healing the self-alienation and fragmentation of gender dysphoria Wellness Program Michelle Allison LMFT Brookline

Allison LMFT
For many gender variant individuals, their gendered experiences are the source of painful self-alienation and fragmentation, much as with others who experience long term, unrelenting stressors. Recognizing and addressing this emotional fallout can better prepare persons for a medical and social transition and/or insure a positive emotional outcome as that transition unfolds over time.. This workshop will introduce gender therapists (and their clients) to additional clinical resources such as: mindfulness practices, multi-consciousness, ‘parts’ and body work, and similar healing techniques to achieve these goals. Gender variant persons (and their allies ) are also welcome to dig deeper into the complex emotional experience of gender dysphoria. Learn words and ideas to describe this deeply felt awareness. Then use your new level of self awareness and emotional integration to gain personal empowerment; and to more effectively communicate to others the nature of your unique experience.
3:00P Surviving a Never-Ending Transition Jessica Mink Cabot

What is your threshold for disclosing your past to another person in your life? This can be with old and new friends, family, colleagues, customers, and people with whom you make some sort of connection. The best way to advance our cause is for everyone to know a few trans people. Most cis people (and more trans people than I expected) don't think that they know any in their normal lives. So even when we have legal rights, widespread acceptance that we deserve those rights lags. But if we're more open, that makes us more vulnerable. How have you dealt with this dilemma?
3:00P Successful air travel while en-femme PD Kaltenbach Cambridge

In an updated version of her presentation two years ago the presenter will discuss the subject of flying while en-femme and the resultant affirming, fun experience it has been for her and others who have done so as part of their transgender experience. While the presentation specifically addresses air travel challenges as a gender non-conforming person, the topics discussed are directly applicable to greatly improving any air travel experience. Items discussed will include legal issues, identity documents, detailed descriptions of the screening technologies in use and how to effortlessly breeze thru the process, airport passenger profiling (aka " what not to do" ), bathroom issues and alternatives, what to wear and how it makes a huge difference, the advantages of specific luggage types, scoring the best seating value, why flight attendants love having us on board, which airlines to avoid, and finally - how to simply enjoy the adventure once again.
3:00P Tell Us A Story! The First Event Story Slam Ms. Marie Lamonte Charles River

Ms. Marie
Who doesn’t love a good story? Whenever I attend a conference like First Event, I tell and listen to stories constantly; every time I meet someone new or catch up with a friend. This workshop is a chance for you to tell us a story! Inspired by the Moth live storytelling events, we’re looking for storytellers and listeners to participate in our very own “story-slam”. Here’s how it works. If you want to tell a story, just drop your name in the bowl. We will draw names at random; if you’re picked, just come on up and tell your story! If you just want to listen, laugh, maybe cry, and learn about the experiences of your fellow members of the transgender community, just grab a seat, relax and enjoy. There will be a strict time limit of 10 minutes maximum per story to give as many people as possible a chance to do their thing. We’d love to hear from as many different facets of the trans community as possible, so don’t be shy. The theme of your story is: TRAVELS Prepare a 5 – 10 minute (maximum) story about a journey that you’ve taken, or that you’re taking now, or that you’re planning to take: physical, metaphorical, intellectual, emotional or otherwise. The fork in the road, the wrong turn, the road less traveled, the first step out the door; the face on the train, the unexpected traveling companion. Where are you going, and why? What obstacles lie in your way? Do you still recognize the face in the mirror at journey’s end? Tales of movement, adventure, discovery, peril, love and sadness, on your way from here to there. Some tips: Be creative! Look at your story from different perspectives. The best stories draw the listener in and evoke a response. Most importantly: Practice! No notes allowed. All storytellers are welcome
3:00P Trans Conservative Caucus Gathering Ms. Christine Shustak Commonwealth

Ms. Christine
Networking opportunity for transgender conservatives
3:00P Law Enforcement, the Criminal Justice System and the Transgender Community Ms. Sarah Moore Franklin

Ms. Sarah
The media is full of stories that paint law enforcement in a negative way which creates a feeling that one should be afraid of law enforcement officers. While this is a topic of great debate amongst politicians and citizens alike the inevitable fallout is the creation of some level of fear for the average person. This fear is magnified when you are the member of a group, like the transgender community, that has historically been misunderstood, marginalized, ridiculed, abused or worse. This workshop will look at various situations in which members of the transgender community may interact with law enforcement and the criminal justice system. We will explore options for successfully navigating situations that range from traffic stops to felony level criminal investigations. Attendees will receive a quick reference card with the top five tips for interacting with law enforcement. Audience participation and the sharing of personal experiences is encouraged but not required.
3:00P Are We There Yet? Life in the Early Years After Transition Dr. A Evan Eyler Newbury

Dr. A Evan
This is a discussion group intended for adults of any age who transitioned, came out as trans, or changed gender expression in a significant way roughly 1--5 years ago. The first year of transition, or other gender evolution, is usually exciting, terrifying, fulfilling -- and busy. There is a lot to do and a lot to manage. Many resources for trans people exist to address the concerns of the coming out/transition process. If one can consider those as "Trans 101" materials, this is the "300 or 400 level" group. What happens after the dust has settled, when others are (at least mostly) used to the new physicality or the new pronoun? What is going well, what not so well? What is the biggest disappointment, and the biggest unexpected pleasure? Are we there yet? Let's discuss.
3:00P Workplace Issues for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Individuals Corporate Ally Dr. Deborah Smith St. James

Dr. Deborah
This workshop takes on an expansive review and discussion of the issues affecting the employment of transgender and gender nonconforming individuals beginning with attraction and recruitment, HR systems and gender markers, employment applications, background checks, employer drug testing, employment exams, federal security clearances, onboarding and retention, sponsoring and mentoring, workplace gender transition plans and practices, medical and benefit coverage, restroom and locker room use, global travel, and leveraging allies and ERGs/BRGs. Best HR practices will be shared and many actional insights and opportunities will be highlighted. B. Clear audience takeaways: 1. Understand the significant cultural shift which is occurring regarding gender identity, gender fluidity, and gender expression 2. Understand the different intersections where existing HR systems and common employment practices create significant employment issues and liabilities 3. Understand how different employment settings and situations may pose difficulties for transgender and/or gender nonconforming individuals and how to mitigate and manage these situations The significant demographic and legal (regulatory) changes that are underway in America including EEOC enforcement trends and activity Gender marker issues in employment and HR Systems Application and background check challenges such as with SSN name changes Employer drug testing, use of prosthetic devices, and directly observed testing requirements under DOT Part 40 Career development including coaches, mentors, and sponsors and how to leverage ERGs Gender transition plans, resources, and best practices Bathroom and locker room use, and understanding of current OSHA guidance ensuring restroom access as a safety issue Federal security clearance issues and support for workplace gender transitions Medical and benefit coverage best practices
3:00P Facial Feminization: Customized Evaluation and Treatment for Optimal Results Dr. Sherman Leis Tremont

Dr. Sherman
Dr. Leis will demonstrate and explain classic prototypes of masculine and feminine facial features. He will discuss a variety of options for feminizing facial features and demonstrate that in the majority of cases, excellent results can be obtained without extensive and expensive cranio-facial surgery. Cases are shown demonstrating excellent and natural results from selective and customized facial feminization procedures.
3:00P Small Fish in a Big Pond - Alliies and LGBTQ+ Activism Gets Results Corporate Ally Ms. Kristine Lessard
Shane Landrum
White Hill

Ms. Kristine

Presenters: Shane Landrum, queer nonbinary transmasc person and Kristine Lessard, cisgender female This workshop will cover specific changes that Oracle's Employee Pride Network (OPEN) members were able to achieve within our Fortune 1000 workplace, through the efforts of its LGBTQ+ and Allies members. The OPEN LGBTQ+ and Allies group has a small but strong membership of fewer than 1% of the 140,000 global employee count. Nevertheless the 40 or so LGTBQ+ and Allies chapter run out of Burlington, MA has effected quantifiable change. We will report on those changes, share strategies that worked, and provide insight on how any individual can have an impact as an ally. Agenda: -What is an Employee Resource Group? -Why I joined the ERG - presenters share their stories -Update on several changes we have inspired within Oracle (adding Q+ to our group name, expanding gender-related healthcare, gaining gender-neutral bathrooms) -Examples of positive ally opportunities and actions -Small group breakout discussions, 10 to15 mins where attendees can share experience or ideas around what has or could be done in their workplaces -Large group sharing of 2 or 3 groups' results -Summary of suggested Ally strategies, behaviors and support for how to be an effective Ally.
3:00P Integrated Primary Care and Gender Affirming Surgery Dr. Robert Goldstein
Curtis Cetrulo
Melanie Cohn-Hopwood

Dr. Robert


Attendees will hear from primary care providers and surgeons from the MGH Transgender Health Program. We will review the services available at MGH, including primary care, hormone management, behavioral health, and gender affirming surgery. The surgery team will discuss the successful procedures performed at MGH, including top surgery, phalloplasty and penile transplant. The extent of services will be described and much of the MGH Transgender Health Program team will be present to answer questions about the program.
4:00P Friends of Bill W. Cabot

4:00P Transgender Divorce Robert Lapointe
Manon Lapointe


One half of marriages end in divorce. Having a transgendered partner can add to the stress of a marriage and can increase the chances of a divorce. What should you know in advance? How can you protect yourself and still be fair to your partner? Is your marriage still valid after a transition? How will the gender issues affect the results of the divorce terms? What should I do before I get married? What can you expect during a divorce? Even if you don’t think you will get divorced, this seminar may be useful to you and your partner.
4:00P Influencing your work environment toward greater Transgender visibility and participation Corporate Ally Ms. Phyllis Swanson-Welton Cambridge

Ms. Phyllis
Now that you have secured your professional position as an out Transgender professional, you are ready to take the next steps in succeeding in your position, while leveraging the very best of your true self to deliver exceptional results for your employer and your clients, while also promoting enhanced visibility and participation in the workplace for other Transgender employees and job seekers. Join Phyllis Swanson-Welton, a professional in the Boston Financial Services community, for an open ended conversation on how Transgender professionals in the workplace can take the next steps toward enhancing their work environment while partnering with others to promote efforts that support greater Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace.
4:00P FTM Top and Bottom Surgery: Superior Aesthetic Results in a Customized One-Stage Procedure Transmasculine Program Dr. Sherman Leis Tremont

Dr. Sherman
Options for FTM Top Surgery will be presented and variety of cases will demonstrate excellent results in masculinization of the chest. Options for Phalloplasty will also be discussed. Dr. Leis will utilize multiple case presentations to demonstrate superior aesthetic results obtainable utilizing abdominal or groin flaps for Phalloplasty, labial deconstruction for Scrotoplasty and the options of testicular and penile implants. This surgery is done in one stage and results in a sensate penis via clitoral transposition, no obvious deformity of the donor site such as occurs in the forearm flap procedure, and the ability to have sexual intercourse with erotic sensation
4:00P Vaginoplasty and Facial Feminization Procedures at the MGH Transgender Health Program Dr. Robert Goldstein Whittier

Dr. Robert
Attendees will learn about vaginoplasty and facial feminization procedures at the MGH Transgender Health Program. Members from the surgical team, including those from Gynecology, Urology, and Plastics & Reconstructive Surgery will talk about the surgical process, as well as the prior procedures performed at MGH.
4:30P Eastern Bank Professional networking reception Corporate Ally Avenue 34 Loft
6:00P transFORMED Red Carpet Cocktail Reception Ballroom B
Honoring the Memory of John Warrener - Includes red carpet reception and heavy appetizers. Join us for our annual high-energy showcase of transgender fashion and talent!
7:30P transFORMED: Fashion Show - A Celebration of Trans Identity and Expression Ballroom A
Honoring the Memory of John Warrener - Join us for our annual high-energy showcase of transgender fashion and talent!
9:30P STOP Killing Our Trans Women Ball - Hosted by Legendary NE Mother Athena West Ms. Athena West Avenue 34 Loft

Ms. Athena
Walk and vogue the night away at a traditional transgender ball. Beginners are encouraged to attend! Presented by Athena West Productions.
10:00P Dance Party with DJ Greg Ballroom B
Come and dance to tunes spun by DJ Greg