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Daily Schedule for Thursday January 30, 2020

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8:30A Registration and Information Mezzanine - Exeter Foyer
9:00A Vendor Room Statler
9:00A "The Closet" Pop-up Thrift Store Terrace
9:00A Designing Gender-Neutral Restroom Corporate Ally Mr. Jeremy Du Back Bay

Mr. Jeremy
Designing Gender-Neutral Restroom (Workshop) New architectural codes of public restroom design initiated by the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) and the American Institute of Architects have been approved by the International Code Council (ICC) and will amend the International Building and Plumbing Codes to increase equity and efficiency in public bathroom design. The first of these will require signage on all single-user bathrooms to indicate that they are open to all users. The second will allow gender-neutral multi-stall bathroom designs, where each toilet is in a private compartment, with shared sink areas. These new changes will be published in the 2021 edition of the ICC Codes and are expected to be adopted by state and local governments on a rolling basis thereafter. Why do we need gender-neutral restrooms, and how can we design gender-neutral restrooms in public buildings and workplaces? What is the story behind the needs of a gender-neutral restroom? This research and workshop will help architects to understand why and how to design a gender-neutral restroom and reveal the stories behind the needs of the gender-neutral restroom. Methods: We will organize a workshop to invite all attendees to draw sketches of their ideas about gender Neutral Restrooms. If we get sponsors, we will offer 3 top cash prizes for the sketches that voted by attendees. Anticipated Outcome: Gender-Neutral Restrooms prototypes designed by trans folks. (Architectural graphics by architect and sketches by trans folks). The results will be available to all architects for design reference.
9:00A Stop and Shift Wellness Program Karen Millsap Beacon Hill

Before mindfulness was a hot trending topic, it saved my life. It became my pathway back to a whole heart and a healthy mindset. Building self-awareness was the first step in creating an unbreakable foundation of life-changing habits. I learned how to practice internal habits like positive self-talk, emotional regulation, and facing fear. It also helped me discover the power in other habits like doing digital detoxes, spending time in nature, eating well and getting enough sleep. My healing journey is living proof that mindfulness can totally reshape your life. Not to mention, there's a great deal of research available to show the science behind this super-power that we all hold within. Mindfulness IS the key to a healthier happier life, regardless of the curveballs life tries to throw at you. When you catch your thoughts, train your brain, and renew your mind, your quality of life will improve drastically! To help people jumpstart their mental strength I created a simple, yet powerful, technique that explains how to let go of negative thought cycles and move to more productive and positive thinking - STOP & SHIFT. Stop & Shift is designed to help improve your thinking to make better choices and subsequently create a healthier + happier life.
9:00A How To Build a Wardrobe Lindsey Taub Boylston

A working wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that flatter you, won’t go out of fashion, and can be updated with seasonal pieces. Staple items offer clean lines, versatility, and may be worn multiple times in a week – WITHOUT ANYONE NOTICING! Whether you’re wondering how to build a cohesive wardrobe or would like to add cohesive pieces, I’d like to help. In this interactive workshop you will learn what are some of the key pieces and how to wear them with confidence. We will discuss the nuances of patterns versus solids, accessories from scarves to belts, and anything in between.
9:00A Being Brave Together: Transgender Faith Stories Mx. Chris Paige Brandeis

Mx. Chris
This workshop is an opportunity for transgender, gender non conforming, and intersex people of faith and no faith to process our experiences with religious and spiritual traditions. After a short introduction, participants will gather in small groups to share.
9:00A First time attendee orientation Cambridge

This will be a daily 1/2 hour session for first time attendees and those who want information about First Event.
10:00A Loving Your Trans Body Wellness Program Transmasculine Program Mr. Mateo Bruce Beacon Hill

Mr. Mateo
I find that gender is a spectrum unknown. For years we have lived under the notion that male and female were the only choices in regards to gender. Yet I am living proof that so much more is possible, and exists. I believe that it is not only imperative for me to be the divine mix of masculine and feminine energies in one body, it is equally important to learn of others who also exist and have different ways of expressing their existence. As a Transman of color, it is important for me to share my existence and experiences so that those who come after me can see progression in the areas of life that we usually tend to hide. I'd like to discuss ways and reasons surrounding loving your trans body. Things that you can do to get results that you seek, and the importance of mental health awareness. How you feed your body and mind are connected, and it is vital that Trans folk know and understand this.
10:00A Life 2.0: How to love your new normal (Formerly "Transition Hacks") Ms. Elena Joy Thurston Cabot

Ms. Elena Joy
We all go through transitions in our lives. Sometimes we stumble our way through them. If we’re lucky, we get by with ease. But what if we took full advantage of this “in limbo” time of our lives and used them to create years of fulfillment? Can we hack the transition phase? Absolutely. You might be transitioning from college to career. Maybe parents of straight kids to parents of queer kids. Maybe you're transitioning from one end of a spectrum to another. I personally went from devout Mormon, straight-A housewife, soccer van mom to the nth degree, to realizing I was gay. At age 38. Not only was I kicked out of the only community I had, but I was also kicked into a community I literally knew nothing about. I was nearly forty and I had no idea who I was. I was in the middle of a messy transition. I’ve come to realize that when you lose your sense of identity, you end up losing a lot more. You risk losing your life direction, your sense of belonging, even your mental stability. When we transition from one phase to another, it’s incredibly easy to lose our sense of identity. This makes transition a vulnerable time in our lives. In this workshop you’ll learn: • The benefits of solidifying your identity • Exercises on how to do that • How to identify the risks and rewards of your transition • Relate them back to your identity • How to create a strategy for navigating your transition
10:00A Sephora's Trans Masculine Grooming & Skincare Class Transmasculine Program Sephora Cambridge

Sephora's Trans Community classes provide a safe, welcoming, and inclusive experience, where Transgender and Non-Binary clients can explore their own personal beauty style. We are inclusive of all gender expressions; this includes, but is not limited to, transgender men and non-binary individuals. Friends, families and allies are invited too!
10:00A Transgender Adult's Relational Group Wellness Program Ms. Alice Kalafarski Commonwealth

Ms. Alice
Being transgender is about more than how we identify, it's also about how we relate to other people. Most of us hope to adapt relationships with existing friends, family, and coworkers while also making new connections. Ignorance and transphobia is often the biggest barrier, but there can also be more subtle problems. For those of us who've spent time in the closet, we can pick up bad habits that are tricky to notice and unlearn. Being open about who we are also brings a new vulnerability that can make it hard to tolerate conflict. This workshop will help participants develop insight into these challenges by exploring how we relate to each other. This will be a structured relational group that encourages more dynamic peer-to-peer interaction than most support groups. Our hope is that this here-and-now focus will help us understand difficulties we may be having in other relationships.
10:00A “Expressing Your Best Self”: The emotional intelligence of clothing Delhia Emanuel Whittier

The emotional intelligence of clothing. Learn from a custom clothier the art, science and fabulous enjoyment of clothing and expressing your best fashion.
11:00A Fashion Done Right - Don’t be a fashion blunder, be a fashion wonder! Lindsey Taub Beacon Hill

Please join Lindsey in this interactive presentation where you can learn how to create the perfect outfit for any occasion, with items that may already be in your closet. We will discuss the best fit for your body shape, including fabric types to further feminize one’s look. We will also discuss the benefits of working with an image consultant to personalize your look.
11:00A Handling your hair and growing your hair Noelle Spinosa Brandeis

For those who want a natural look that a wig can not give, we have techniques, treatments and additions that will do just that. Also, are you unsure of what color, style will look best on you. As aesthetic stylists we will help you decide which hair style will enhance your look and attain your signature style. A wig can be obvious, heavy and does not allow your hair to breathe & grow. Working with hair additions of all kinds that are simple to maintain is a great option. We have been working with the community for over 20 years! Additionally, Deb Fauci is a nurse injector, working with PRF & Acell to help grow in hair where it is dormant. This treatment has proven to be successful, affordable (unlike hair transplantation) natural with no downtime. Together we will explain the many options and have a Q & A for those interested. Take home material to help with decision making.
11:00A Be The Author of Your Last Chapter: The Importance of Advance Care Planning for the LGBT Community Kim Adams Cambridge

Currently, there are more than 1.5 million LGBT people over 65 in the U.S., a number expected to double over the next 15 years as the population ages. Many elder-care facilities are ill-equipped to deal with the needs of LGBT seniors, especially trans seniors, who fear that a move to assisted living may leave them vulnerable to discrimination and harassment. And one vital piece that is often overlooked and neglected is the end of life wishes of our LGBT elders regardless of whether they wish to die at home or in a facility. Advance Care Planning involves more than filling out a living will and health care proxy form. It is a continuum that begins with a conversation identifying values, wishes, priorities and concerns for one's end of life care. By bringing together the emotional, spiritual, and medical components, individuals can have control in authoring this final chapter of their life. Through dialogue, exercises, and a powerpoint presentation, we will walk through the vital importance for the LGBT community to plan, document and discuss their end of life wishes. Ms. Adams will provide strategies and resources to facilitate conversations with individuals and their families (including family of origin if necessary) about these end of life decisions.
11:00A ReconcilingWorks Ministry: an Introduction to the Reconciling in Christ (RIC) Program Mr. Sam Ward Tremont

Mr. Sam
ReconcilingWorks: Lutherans for Full Participation has advocated for the full welcome, inclusion, and equity of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and asexual/aromantic (LGBTQIA+) Lutherans in all aspects of the life of their Church, congregations, and community. The Reconciling in Christ (RIC) Program is for Lutheran communities that publicly welcome lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. This workshop aims to: Introduce ReconcilingWorks’ ongoing mission: to embody, inspire, advocate, and organize for the acceptance and full participation of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities within the Lutheran communion and its ecumenical and global partners, striving to dismantal injustice and oppression. Information will be made available for hosting, “Building an Inclusive Church” trainings in targeted regions, states, and congregations as a way to increase RIC settings in areas of the country where LGBT support is not the cultural norm. The workshop will close by opening up a round table discussion for first-hand, faith community experiences and questions.
12:00P Opening/Welcome Luncheon - Thursday 12:00pm-1:00pm Ms. Rhonda Socks
Ms. Cheryl Katon
Avenue 34 Studio 1&2

Ms. Rhonda

Ms. Cheryl
Enjoy a great lunch with your friends!
2:00P Be The Person You Always Wanted to Be...Techniques and helpful hint by Amy from JUST YOU Ms. Amy Lamb Beacon Hill

Ms. Amy
The Art of Transformation Step by Step techniques for Makeup application in the art of transformation. Helpful Hints, Question and Answer format.
2:00P Wig care and styling 101 Laurie Chism Boylston

Do you struggle with finding the best wig design and style for your face shape? Do you find your self confused when looking at the price difference between wigs and wondering what the difference is in a $50 wig and a $1500 wig ? Do you know how to care for and style your wig? If you feel confused in the hair market and are not sure how to choose the right product for you then this workshop is for you ! In this fun and interactive crash course Laurie will teach you how to choose the best wig for your face shape. Choosing the right color for your skin tone show you the difference in caps design and go over wig care and maintenance. Expect to leave this workshop feeling empowered and confident with your new knowledge, ready to take on the world !
2:00P The Power of Voice: Finding And Expressing Your True Self Wellness Program Ms. Linda Marks Cabot

Ms. Linda
The roots of voice originate in the spirit and soul. Having a voice allows us both to express and share our internal experience and to say things others need to hear us say. It hurts our hearts when parts of our voice are silenced or disallowed, by us internally or others around us. Our voice also allows us to communicate a sense of authentic identity. So, as we become more comfortable with who we are, it is important to learn how to have "authentic voice," so that we can show up as ourselves in our lives and in the world. We all have a unique voice and it is important to be comfortable speaking and being heard. This workshop will include heart meditations and other experiential exercises to help us explore our authentic voice and become more comfortable and familiar with our voice as a channel to express our life energy and use our heart's power in ways that are meaningful to self and others. This workshop will include singing as a way to enjoy using our voices for fun and self-expression and to connect with others without being limited to the spoken word.
2:00P Transgender in the Tech Industry Ms. Jessica Kagan Charles River

Ms. Jessica
You can't go anywhere these days without hearing about what the biggest technology companies are doing to reshape our world. Whether it's the organizing power a platform like Facebook or Reddit can give us, internal disputes over corporate culture spilling over into public discourse, or even just HR policies or local laws affecting the workforce, it's nearly impossible to quantify all the ways that it affects our lives. Technology can be a force for both social justice and inequity, and the gender diverse community will experience the brunt of those forces in the coming years. I'm an engineer who transitioned on the job, but my own experiences in isolation aren't representative, so I invite you all to share your experiences - whether you're an enthusiastic technology user, an industry veteran, or anything in between. How has the tech industry shaped your life and/or the lives of those around you? What can we do to make it a force for good?
2:00P Trans Women’s Process Group Ms. Alice Kalafarski Commonwealth

Ms. Alice
As trans women, our focus is often how we see ourselves and are seen by the wider world. This workshop will help us explore how we see each other. The focus will be on the here-and-now experience of sitting in a circle with a dozen other trans women and interacting with each other. Our goal is to discover how the ways we do and don’t relate to each other provides insight into other relationships in our lives. This will be a double-session workshop, and participants are encouraged to stay for the full duration. Doors will be closed 10 minutes after the start. Attendance will be capped at 12 participants, and anyone who identifies as a trans woman is welcome to register.
2:00P Coming Out…..The Good, The Bad and the Indifferent Dr. Gennifer Herley Stuart

Dr. Gennifer
This Group participatory workshop will explore the feelings and Experiences of anyone in the Trans Community who has or would like to express their identity to their spouse, girlfriend, significant other, Friends, Family, Work and the World at Large! As a group let’s hear each other’s stories so that may learn from one another. There are always similarities and differences from where we come from. Hopefully by sharing stories you will discover where you are going and where you would like to be currently or in the future. So come share your story in this workshop and let’s find some strategies and new ways to help one another communicate our Authenticity to our loved ones and the World!!
3:00P Toward better transgender healthcare Wellness Program Charlie Lindley Beacon Hill

As a transgender woman and an academically affiliated psychiatrist I’m pleased to be involved in the development of a four year medical school curriculum with the explicit goal of training doctors to take better care of transgender patients. At the same time, as the only transgender physician involved in this project I am intensely committed to providing as much meaningful, authentic information as I possibly can. With this goal in mind I’d be grateful for the opportunity to offer a workshop which would give me the opportunity to hear firsthand from as many members of our community as possible their experiences, their needs, their wants, and their complaints about medical care. It is so easy for even the most sincere clinicians outside our community to imagine that they understand us. I see it as my role to counteract this inherent disconnect in a potentially game-changing undertaking.
3:00P The struggle with Jesus Ms. Stevielouise Crecelius Brandeis

Ms. Stevielouise
I was convinced God hated me and entities like the pope say we are insulting God's creation with our transitions. But I think too many worship the creation instead of God. I am also intersex and so I feel that is the smoking gun that God created more than just male and female. Religious zealots look the other way when intersex babies have their genitals altered but condemn us when we do. It is said that Jesus died on the cross for our sins but for me, God made me a sinner so why would God create us so imperfectly and then punish us for those imperfections. There are 30,000 Christian denominations with 30,000 different definitions of the so called " word of God". Which one is correct in a world where everyone things their version is the correct one. I feel the message on the cross is forgiveness. Instead of forgiveness being taught in some churches, condemnation is and therein lies the problem It really isn't God defining what is right or wrong, It is each of the 2.1 million Christians based on their own backgrounds and experience as well as their programming from whoever they listen to on the pulpit. It is understanding that God is love and humanity that messes up that message. As a trans family, we are often condemned by people who weaponize Jesus and the bible. It is arming the trans family with knowledge that allows us to defend our right to exist and a world where we too are God's children.
3:00P Massachusetts Trans Women in Leadership Bianca Robinson
Ava Glasscott
Sara Reid



This is a networking group for Trans Women: Meet, Connect and Organize. Meet the organizers to discuss the organization as they make space, help build leadership, and celebrate trans women. This conversation is not open to all conference participants, it's an exclusive a safe space for trans women and trans feminine people.
3:00P Intuition Nutrition: Rituals for a More Relaxed Relationship With Food Wellness Program Kristen Ciccolini Cabot

Our society places little value on intuition and faith that we know what's best for ourselves. We're constantly being pulled in all directions being told what we should and shouldn't do, who we should or shouldn't be. This stress often leads to relying emotionally on food to cope. We lose connection to our inner voice along the way, something that is so important for our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. In this workshop, you will learn the best brain and energy-boosting foods and rituals to lay the foundation for a stronger connection to your intuition, as well as mindfulness strategies that help you curb emotional eating habits and better communicate with your guiding voice. We will also do a group meditation together and end with a multisensory exercise with chocolate!
3:00P Three Case Studies: Clinicians discussing transgender & non-binary clients Dr. Roxanne Cherry Charles River

Dr. Roxanne
This workshop is for mental health professionals looking to expand their knowledge and skills in working with transgender clients. After a brief introduction, participants will be divided into three small groups, and each given one case study to discuss. Each group will be asked to focus on certain aspects of their case, and share ideas and concerns. These ideas will include client safety, goal-setting, building a therapeutic alliance, and important referrals. After ample time, all participants will come back to the larger group to give everyone an opportunity to hear all the case studies and the thoughts of the small groups.
4:00P Friends of Bill W. Cabot

Friends of Bill W. If you are an alcoholic in recovery or think you might have a problem with alcohol this is an open meeting to help one day at a time.
4:30P "Expressions of Gender Identity" Art Show (4:30 P.M.-6:30 P.M) Ms. Juliana Wall Terrace

Ms. Juliana
Art Show
6:15P Group Dinner at local restaurants Meet in the Lobby
Dine in Boston with your friends or make new friends! Choose from several locations to dine out in the City of Boston. Meals will be at your own expense. Online sign-up will be announced within one week of the conference.
7:00P Speed Dating at First Event Ms. Alison Mandible
Mx. Luke Miratrix

Ms. Alison

Mx. Luke
Want to meet someone? We want to introduce you! Our speed dating event embraces complexity; you can sign up regardless of gender or orientation, for typical dating, or to meet others in transition for mutual support. After five minutes of conversation with each speed date, you secretly record whether you want to exchange contact information with that person. Then the computer system takes care of the rest! Only mutual "yes"-es are shared. Preregistration and more details will be available at, or you can sign up on-site at First Event.
9:00P Dance Party with DJ Greg Avenue 34 Studio 1&2
Come and dance to tunes spun by DJ Greg