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Daily Schedule for Saturday February 02, 2019

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9:00A Gynecology for the FTM Patient and Options for Gender Affirming Surgery Transmasculine Program Dr. Yvonne Gomez-Carrion
Marybeth Meservey
Wanda Flores

Dr. Yvonne


This workshop will cover the preventative care for the FTM patient. In addition, it will also review the various options for gender affirming surgical options.
9:00A Trans masculine bottom surgery from a patient's perspective Transmasculine Program Andre Harris Westborough

Have you ever been curious about the different types of gender affirming surgeries available to trans masculine/ AFAB individuals? This workshop might be for you. You will get a basic overview of the different options available and the terminology used around these surgeries. The first half will be a slideshow with information and the second half will be a Q&A with post operative individuals.
10:30A Transmasculine Sexuality (Limited to Transmasculine Identified Persons Only) Transmasculine Program Rev. Moonhawk River Stone Duchess

Rev. Moonhawk River
This workshop is an invitation for all transmasculine identified individuals to partake in a discussion that explores our passions, desires, questions, and concerns about sexuality. It is an opportunity to share our collective knowledge and experience about our sexuality as transmasculine persons and to learn from others. This is an opportunity for respectful, open and honest discussion of transmasculine sexuality, sex, and intimacy from all perspectives on the binary and the non binary. Please make time to be on time for privacy, safety and trust building no late arrivals will be admitted.
10:30A Black Transmen Inc: One Is Not Born A Man He Becomes One People of Color Program Transmasculine Program Mr. Carter Brown Westborough

Mr. Carter
Black Transmen Exist and Together We Are Powerful! Black Transmen Inc creates space for Black Transmen Embracing African Heritage, Manhood and Brotherhood. This workshop will provide an opportunity to engage in discussion about living in our truth, the power of community and advancing the Black trans movement. It is a known and statistical fact that societal challenges for an African American male exist. It is also well known that negative stereotypes of Black men have overhang stagnantly for generations. The goal of this workshop is to hold open dialogue with trans-masculine people about how we can all positively contribute to ending the cycle and diminishing the stereotypes by exposing the world to another face of Black men. By helping to build stronger (trans)men, it will inevitably build stronger families, stronger communities and a stronger society.
1:00P FTM Chest Surgery Show and Tell Wellness Program Transmasculine Program Mr. Andy Gavin Princess

Mr. Andy
This workshop will provide the opportunity for attendees who have not yet had chest surgery to view a variety of results and for attendees who have already had chest surgery to share their results and experiences with others. Participant presentations will be followed by the opportunity to ask questions. All FTM-identified persons, SOFFAs, and trans-friendly professionals are welcome to attend.
2:00P Show me your Package Transmasculine Program Andre Harris Princess

Have you wondered what prosthetics are available to transmasculine/ Non binary individuals ? In this presentation you will get the chance to see and touch many of the current and popular products in the market. There will be a presentation giving information about various STP and packers. There will be time at the end to touch and ask questions about the various products. Realistic prothstetic penis’s will be present. This is recommended for ages 18 and up. Younger individuals are welcomes with permission from adults.
2:00P Sephora Trans Masculine Focus Group Transmasculine Program Sarah Thornton
Christina Jefferson


After the successful launch of our Sephora Classes for Confidence: Bold Beauty for the Trans Community we would like to learn how to better serve the Trans Masculine community. Please help us shape the future of this class. Please sign up at our booth ahead of time (Maximum 12) Workshop 2:00-3:00pm
3:30P Post OP bottom surgery discussion group Trans masculine - restricted to individuals assigned female at birth and are post OP some form of genital reconstruction Transmasculine Program Andre Harris Princess

Have you had some form of bottom surgery and assigned female at birth? Examples: Phalloplasty, meta Come celebrate and talk about your experiences with other post OP individuals. This is restricted to individuals assigned female at birth and are post OP some form of genital reconstruction.
3:30P Female to Male Surgical Options: Genital, Chest, Revisions/Repairs, Facial Masculinization and Body Contouring Wellness Program Transmasculine Program Dr. Toby Meltzer Sterling

Dr. Toby
A PowerPoint Presentation discussing current surgical techniques, a discussion of procedures, risks and complications, before and after photos with time for questions and answers. Dr. Meltzer is available for brief individual one-on-one visits. You may contact our office at 866-876-6329 if you wish to schedule a one-on-one visit. Formal or longer consultations need to be scheduled at our Scottsdale office at 866-876-6329.