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Daily Schedule for Saturday February 02, 2019

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9:00A Issues with Cis-Trans couples: Communication, Negotiation, and Rebuilding Trust Spouse/Significant Other Program Dr. Maureen Osborne Northborough

Dr. Maureen
A marriage or committed relationship in which one member comes to identify themselves as transgender can test the skills of even the most experienced gender therapist. The particular context may be one of early or later disclosure in the life of the relationship, part-time vs. full-time, public vs. private gender expression, and straight or queer-identified, with each presenting potential challenges. Among these are damage to mutual trust, perceived loss of intimacy, unrealized hopes and expectations, the need for secrecy, competition for attention, impact on family, finances, changes in couple identity, and more. This workshop will identify potential issues and suggest communication and negotiation strategies for couples with a gender variant partner
10:30A When your partner transitions - How to survive with grief, loss and transformation. Spouse/Significant Other Program Mary Lasher Northborough

When a partner transitions to another gender, so much is happening that it is easy for forget that you are grieving with loss even if you are supportive of the gender change. This workshop helps you recognize complicated grief so that you can honor the losses and value the future ahead.
2:00P Holding On For Dear Life in a Sidecar: The Wild and Wooly Ride of the Partner - limited to cisgender partners of trans folks and includes all sexual orientations Spouse/Significant Other Program Dr. Maureen Osborne Northborough

Dr. Maureen
In addition to identity challenges, being the partner of a transgender person can be a roller coaster ride of feelings that change on a daily basis. It’s definitely not for sissies. We will make a non-judgmental space for partners to share some of the feelings they have experienced on this journey. Some questions considered will be: What feelings have you experienced as the partner in this journey? Is there room in your relationship to talk about them without feeling guilty or nagging or demanding? How do you make your voice heard in your relationship? Do you know how to distinguish between your feelings in any moment and your longer-term inner truth? What ways have you developed of dealing with the “moving target” that is often part of a transgender person’s journey? How have you dealt with the changes in personal and couple identity that often accompany this journey? The format will be interactive and aimed at providing support and guidance for dealing with the challenges many SOs face.
3:30P Trans-Trans Relationships: A support group for trans people in relationships with other trans people Spouse/Significant Other Program Erik H
Shen C


When your partner comes out as trans, well-meaning supporters may assume that you must be cis. But what if YOU are trans, too? As trans folks in relationships with other trans people, we face uncommon challenges, and experience joys unique to us. Join us for this open discussion, in a confidential peer support-group format. Potential discussion topics include challenges: • Balancing caring for our partners and caring for ourselves; • Planning not one, but two social and/or medical transition paths; • Dealing with inaccurate assumptions; • Handling dysphoria, especially in our sex lives; • Navigating shifts in identities, communities, perceptions, and sexualities; • Managing family planning and fertility. We may also discuss joys and triumphs! • Increased empathy, "just knowing" how our partner feels; • Unique insights into the role of gender in our lives; • Feeling we're "on the same team"; • In different-gender couples, trading insights into the expectations people have of women/men; • Finding community with people who can relate. This group is co-led by a trans couple (a trans woman & a trans man) who have been together for two years. This workshop is open to any trans person who is in a relationship with another trans person. Come with your trans partner(s), or come solo! (For this event, "Trans" means transgender, nonbinary, etc. "Relationship" means a significant romantic and/or sexual relationship of any type: long-term, dating, casual; monogamous, open, poly, etc.)
3:30P In This Together: Surviving Transition as a Couple Spouse/Significant Other Program Dr. Annika Miller
Ms. Kelly Miller

Dr. Annika

Ms. Kelly
With society's increased awareness of trans issues, it has become more common for couples to try to stay together during a transition. But being a supportive partner involves more than being loving and tolerant. In the whirlwind of activity and change surrounding the trans partner, it is often under-recognized that the cis-partner also needs to engage in an active transition process of their own. This entails adjustment for both partners, on multiple levels, and both growth and sacrifice across every dimension of their lives together. This workshop explores this journey through presentation, storytelling, and discussion, and suggests lessons-learned from a loving, devoted couple of over 30 years, with 9 years of post-transition experience.