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Daily Schedule for Sunday February 03, 2019

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9:00A Connecting with Other Parents of Trans Children (of Any Age) Youth & Family Program Carol Caravana Sterling

All adults are welcome to come connect with other parents and guardians for camaraderie, support, resources and laughter as we share the challenges, surprises, and joys of supporting our transgender or gender non-conforming children (of any age). The workshop will be interactive, with plenty of opportunities to connect and exchange information with other parents as we navigate the world of loving and supporting our transgender children.
10:00A Sunday: Sephora Teen Make up Class Youth & Family Program Sarah Thornton BoxBorough

Just starting out on your makeup journey? This intro class takes you through application techniques and the products you’ll need for an easy, everyday look. 45 mins. Please sign up at our booth (Maximum 12) 9-9:50 10-10:50
10:00A Surgical Options for Transgender and Non-Binary Adolesecents and Young Adults Youth & Family Program Wellness Program Center for Gender Surgery Boston Children's Hospital
Dr. Oren Ganor
Dr. David Diamond

Center for Gender Surgery
Boston Children's Hospital

Dr. Oren

Dr. David
This workshop will use the Boston Children’s Hospital Center for Gender Surgery experience to provide an overview of surgical options for transgender and non-binary adolescents (15+) and young adults (under 35). The surgeons will talk about requirements and indications for surgery and discuss when it is and isn’t appropriate to consider surgical options for minors. Topics will include types of surgery, age restrictions for surgery, and issues with insurance coverage. All parents and youth are welcome. There will be time to ask questions, and anonymous questions can be submitted on paper during the course of the session. Questions should be general, rather than related to individual medical concerns.
10:00A Reproductive Options and Fertility Preservation for Transgender People Youth & Family Program Wellness Program Dr. Samuel Pang Sterling

Dr. Samuel
Historically, transgender people have been able to have children through heterosexual relationships prior to their coming out and transitioning. More recently, transgender people are coming out and transitioning sooner in their lives, such that they may not have the opportunity to have children through a traditional heterosexual relationship. Procreation may not be a topic that is foremost in the minds of transgender individuals who are in the process of coming out and transitioning. Unfortunately, procreation may not be an option after a transgender individual has completely transitioned unless they take steps to preserve their procreative potential prior to transitioning. With the availability of assisted reproductive technologies (ART), transgender individuals have the opportunity to have genetic offspring if they choose to do so. Transgender individuals who would like to have the opportunity to have genetic offspring need to plan ahead. Prior to gender reassignment hormonal treatment and surgical procedures, transgender individuals may bank their gametes (sperm or eggs) which could be used in future to build their families through ART. This presentation will review some of the options available to transgender individuals who would like to be able to have genetic offspring, and describe how IVF, and related ART procedures such as gamete donation and gestational surrogacy, may be used to build families for transgender people who have banked their gametes prior to transition.
10:00A The Power of Voice: Finding And Expressing Your True Self Youth & Family Program Ms. Linda Marks Sudbury

Ms. Linda
The roots of voice originate in the spirit and soul. Having a voice allows us both to express and share our internal experience and to say things others need to hear us say. It hurts our hearts when parts of our voice are silenced or disallowed, by us internally or others around us. Our voice also allows us to communicate a sense of authentic identity. So, as we become more comfortable with who we are, it is important to learn how to have "authentic voice," so that we can show up as ourselves in our lives and in the world. We all have a unique voice and it is important to be comfortable speaking and being heard. This workshop will include heart meditations and other experiential exercises to help us explore our authentic voice and become more comfortable and familiar with our voice as a channel to express our life energy and use our heart's power in ways that are meaningful to self and others. This workshop will include singing as a way to enjoy using our voices for fun and self-expression and to connect with others without being limited to the spoken word.
10:00A Toddlers To Teens: An Introduction To Issues Related To Transgender Youth (K-12) Who Need To Transition Youth & Family Program Rev. Moonhawk River Stone Wayland

Rev. Moonhawk River
This workshop is meant to be informational and is appropriate for those seeking to learn more about children who need to undertake a gender transition of some kind in order to resolve their transgender identity. This is not a clinical training, but a discussion to aid parents, allies and others interested in supporting transgender children. Clinicians are welcome, but this is not a clinical training. Discussion will center upon being able to assist the child who is gender questioning and their families to find their way through the various challenges to a youth based gender transition. Workshop will be focused on an interactive dialogue model.
11:00A Youth & Family Workshop: Transgender and gender non-conforming children, youth and parent panel: Youth & Family Program Wellness Program Diane Ellaborn
Joanna Frost


A panel of transgender children, youth, young adults and their parents will share their personal stories, challenges and successes. Gender Specialist, Diane Ellaborn, LICSW, DCSW, and her colleague Joanna Frost, LICSW will present an overview of evaluation, treatment and psychoeducation for transgender, gender non-conforming and questioning children, youth, young adults and their families, schools and communities. Presenters will talk about a range of options to live with one's unique gender identity including hormone blockers, social transition, medical and surgical interventions. The MA public school and up to date guidelines for creating a safe and supportive school environment for transgender students will be available, changes in name change procedure, possible changes in federal policy about transgender and current MA insurance commission policy about health insurance coverage will be discussed.
11:00A Trans & Gender Expansive youth legal Rights in School (A lawyer and parents' calling) Youth & Family Program Ms. Polly Crozier
Ms. Catherine Capelli

Ms. Polly

Ms. Catherine
This session, with GLAD Senior Staff Attorney Polly Crozier and a local parent of a transgender youth will address the legal rights of Transgender and Gender Expansive youth in schools. This will capture: - free speech - expression - student records - inclusion and safety etc The workshop will give advice on practical advocacy in schools, social and service providers and beyond from a parent's perspective. We shall also try and have a Q&A session in between or at the end. GLAD will also be tabling as part of our involvement at the event
11:00A Medical Panel - Blockers, Hormones, Medical Procedures – What is Best for My Trans Child? Youth & Family Program Wellness Program Athena Edmonds
Dr. Danielle O'Banion
Dr. Stephanie Roberts
Dr. Mandy Coles


Dr. Danielle

Dr. Stephanie

Dr. Mandy
Dr. Danielle O'Banion, primary care physician at Fenway Health, Dr. Stephanie Roberts, pediatric endocrinologist at Boston Children’s Hospital at the GeMS Clinic, and Dr. Mandy S Coles, Professor of Pediatrics at the Adolescent Center at Boston Medical Center, Boston University School of Medicine, will provide an overview of their experience working with transgender youth. All parents and youth are welcome. Keep in mind it is never too early or too late to be educated about one's options for blockers, hormones and other possible medical innovations or when no medical innovations are appropriate for transgender youth. There will be time to ask questions and anonymous questions can be written on index cards at the beginning of the session. Facilitated by Athena Edmonds.
11:00A Sporting While TPOC People of Color Program Youth & Family Program Mx. LB Moore
Mr. Ray Paulding

Mx. LB

Mr. Ray
What does it mean to you to participate (or wish to participate) in sports as a Trans/GNC POC? The potential benefits of sport--for the body, mind, spirit--are significant: but how do we navigate sport as Trans/GNC bodies of color? In this community-centered workshop, participants will explore their own and others’ challenges, barriers, successes, concerns, and accomplishments as TPOC participating in or wishing to participate in sport. TPOC youth voices will be centered and prioritized in this session, and non-TPOC-youth are encouraged to attend as allies. Collaboratively facilitated by a TPOC young person and white trans adult. In breakout groups, (a) TPOC youth will collaborate to identify strategies to access sport in safer, affirming ways while (b) Non-TPOC-youth participants will consider the experiences of TPOC youth in sport and identify allyship strategies to support and center the experiences of TPOC youth in sport.
11:00A How to talk to your transgender child about Sex Youth & Family Program Rev. Sarah Carpenter
Dr. Elizabeth Boskey
Dr. A Evan Eyler
Katie Hill

Rev. Sarah

Dr. Elizabeth

Dr. A Evan

Most parents have had “The Talk” with their children as they approach puberty, but if you have a transgender child, the picture changes. This is an open, forthright panel discussion about how to talk to your transgender child about changing sexual feelings and activities, as well as the risks of STDs and AIDS. The panel consists of transgender healthcare providers and professionals, many of whom are members of the transgender community and offers a chance to find the answers and the information you may be searching for as you support your transgender child.
2:00P Global Citizenship for All (AFS student exchange ) Youth & Family Program Ms. Johanna Jordan Hudson

Ms. Johanna
AFS' student exchange and study abroad programs have been providing youth and adults with life-changing experiences for nearly 70 years. With a belief that breaking down barriers we can achieve a more just and peaceful world, AFS-USA brings together people from all parts of the globe and all walks of life, helping them become productive global citizens in a rapidly-changing world. Whether serving as a host family for an international exchange student or traveling abroad to study, volunteer, intern, or teach, members of the LGBTQ-identifying community have often approached such opportunities with hesitation. Will the organization understand my concerns? Will an exchange student be willing to stay with my family? Can the organization support me with empathy and awareness? How will the organization ensure that I am not subjected to transphobia (or other phobias) during my time abroad? These are important questions and, fortunately, they aren't new to AFS. This workshop explores the possibilities and the challenges when considering becoming a host family, going abroad, or sending one's teen on an exchange or study abroad program.
2:00P Tufts Health Plan - Transgender Healthcare for the Youth Youth & Family Program Wellness Program Dr. Jeremi Carswell
Dr. Elizabeth Boskey
Dr. Jessica Rubinstein
John Dockrey

Dr. Jeremi

Dr. Elizabeth

Dr. Jessica

During this workshop we'd like to explore and present on healthcare as it relates to the transgender and LGBTQ youth. Tufts Health Plan will be partnering with representatives from Boston Children's Hospital's GeMS program. GeMS or Gender Management Service are dedicated to providing youth with concerns about gender identify, infants, and children, adolescents, and young adults with differences of sex development.
2:00P MENTAL HEALTH PANEL Resources to Help Your Child and Family with Emotional Support Youth & Family Program Wellness Program Athena Edmonds
Erin Peterson
Rachel Kahn
Wendy Bamatter




Erin Peterson clinical social worker in the Adolescent Primary Care Clinic at Boston Medical Center who co-runs the Child and Adolescent Transgender/gender Center for Health otherwise known as CATCH with Dr. Mandy Coles at Boston Medical Center. Rachel Kahn, LMHC, Group Facilitator, Fenway Health Transgender Health Program, Maureen Mulhern, LICSW, a private therapist and Dr. Wendy P Bamatter, 3East -- Intensive Adolescent DBT Residential Program/McLean Hospital · will provide an overview of their experience working with transgender youth and families. There will be time to ask questions and anonymous questions can be written on index cards at the beginning of the session. Come with questions and learn about how to support your child and family. Facilitated by Athena Edmonds.
2:00P Stronger Together: Youth and Families discuss Unconditional Love and Acceptance Youth & Family Program Jason Wheeler
Hilary Smiley
Felix Marshall
Skylar Marshall




This session will explore strategies to move parents, guardians and caregivers along a continuum of acceptance. Designed as a community dialogue, we will begin with a panel of youth and adults sharing their stories of transforming parent’s concern, fear, and anger into unconditional love and acceptance for their child and the larger LGBTQ community. We invite you to contribute to a discussion about creating strong and healthy families centered on love and acceptance.
2:00P 5 Things Your Transitioning Child Needs You to Know Youth & Family Program Ms. Kathy Whitham Wayland

Ms. Kathy
As parents with transgender and gender non-conforming kids, we struggle every day to keep them safe, not only from an unfriendly world, but safe from themselves. Feeling scared and out of control is kind of the norm. It’s easy to feel caught between a rock and a hard place -- between our own feelings (fear, grief, and guilt) and our compelling desire to support and help our child. The temptation can be to lean forward toward our child. This can look like the following: a) Blaming ourselves; b) Taking it personally; c) Walking on eggshells; d) Wanting to rush the process; e) Constantly asking, “Are you sure?” In this interactive workshop, we’ll talk about the top 5 things your transitioning child needs you to know. You’ll learn how to lean back into the strategies that most effectively help your child.
3:30P Supporting Transgender and Gender Expansive Children in School Youth & Family Program Dr. Melinda Mangin Southborough

Dr. Melinda
School policies and practices can profoundly affect children whose gender identity differs from their sex assigned at birth. In the past decade, greater visibility and acceptance of transgender people has resulted in new legal protections and societal expectations. In turn, educators have begun to examine school policies and practices with an eye toward legal compliance but also with new understanding that gendered environments may be harmful to children, particularly children who are transgender or gender expansive. In this educational context I ask: How can schools create an environment where all students, including transgender and gender expansive children, feel a sense of belonging? And, what role do parents play in this process? To answer these questions I traveled to 20 elementary schools across six states to learn from more than 80 people who actively worked to create supportive environments for transgender and gender expansive children. In this workshop I share lessons learned from parents, principals, teachers, librarians, nurses and other staff. Some of the topics covered in this interactive workshop include: - district policy and why it's important; - principals' role as lead learners and the value of a child-centered approach; - how teachers can promote a sense of belonging in the classroom; - parents' role as advocates and educators; This workshop will include opportunities to interact, ask questions, and learn from one another's lived experiences.
3:30P Trans* Student Experiences, Assessing Campus Climate, and the Need for Change Youth & Family Program Prof. Amanda Howe Sudbury

Prof. Amanda
The purpose of this presentation is to examine the experiences of trans* students on higher education campuses, provide a general assessment of campus climate using Ranking and Reason's (2008) Transformational Tapestry Model, then provide recommendations for a more trans* inclusive environment. I am hoping my presentation will attract high school students, college students, families and higher education professionals with the hope of educating what campuses are doing or could do to provide a positive campus climate for trans* students and provide a positive college experience.
3:30P Autobiographical Poetry for LGBTQ Youth Youth & Family Program Athena Edmonds Wayland

A poetry workshop for LGBTQ youth of any age and of any poetry experience level. You don't need to be a good student and you don’t even need to like poetry! Just bring yourself to this supportive environment where we will learn to use poetry as a vehicle of self-expression. We will first read poems, then we will write our own poems imitating elements of the poems we have read and inspired by our own lives. Then, if we choose to, we will share.