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Daily Schedule for Saturday February 02, 2019

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10:30A Black Transmen Inc: One Is Not Born A Man He Becomes One People of Color Program Transmasculine Program Mr. Carter Brown Westborough

Mr. Carter
Black Transmen Exist and Together We Are Powerful! Black Transmen Inc creates space for Black Transmen Embracing African Heritage, Manhood and Brotherhood. This workshop will provide an opportunity to engage in discussion about living in our truth, the power of community and advancing the Black trans movement. It is a known and statistical fact that societal challenges for an African American male exist. It is also well known that negative stereotypes of Black men have overhang stagnantly for generations. The goal of this workshop is to hold open dialogue with trans-masculine people about how we can all positively contribute to ending the cycle and diminishing the stereotypes by exposing the world to another face of Black men. By helping to build stronger (trans)men, it will inevitably build stronger families, stronger communities and a stronger society.
1:00P Sporting While TPOC People of Color Program Youth & Family Program Mx. LB Moore
Mr. Ray Paulding

Mx. LB

Mr. Ray
What does it mean to you to participate (or wish to participate) in sports as a Trans/GNC POC? The potential benefits of sport--for the body, mind, spirit--are significant: but how do we navigate sport as Trans/GNC bodies of color? In this community-centered workshop, participants will explore their own and others’ challenges, barriers, successes, concerns, and accomplishments as TPOC participating in or wishing to participate in sport. TPOC youth voices will be centered and prioritized in this session, and non-TPOC-youth are encouraged to attend as allies. Collaboratively facilitated by a TPOC young person and white trans adult. In breakout groups, (a) TPOC youth will collaborate to identify strategies to access sport in safer, affirming ways while (b) Non-TPOC-youth participants will consider the experiences of TPOC youth in sport and identify allyship strategies to support and center the experiences of TPOC youth in sport.
3:30P POC Discussion of Trans Legal Landscape: the Trans Military Ban, 'Yes On 3' Implications, Violence and Hate Crimes People of Color Program Atty. Kylar Broadus
Jennifer Levi

Atty. Kylar

GLAD and Trans People of Color Coalition (TPOCC) have come together to host this panel discussion on the state of current legal issues that impact transgender and gender non-conforming people. We will not only discuss these issues but will talk about what you can do to have an immediate impact. Our primary topics will include: The legal fight against the proposed ban on military service by transgender people: what it means for those who choose to serve, are serving, and have served openly and proudly, as well as for transgender rights more broadly. The recent Yes On 3 victory upholding the transgender nondiscrimination law in Massachusetts: what does this mean for the national landscape of nondiscrimination laws and possible federal nondiscrimination laws under the current administration? Violence and hate crimes that tragically impact our community: are there suggestions and ways we might work together to overcome the violence as a community or through other actions? These are ambitious goals but are all areas that greatly impact our community. There are many people working on these issues now, and we have learned from each other and our successes. Our hope in convening this panel is to continue that learning. This is a POC focused panel and voices will be centered on people of color during this panel.