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Daily Schedule for Thursday February 01, 2018

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9:00A Friends of Bill W. General Program .meeeting. .time. Hudson

If you think you or someone you know is having a problem with alcohol, please feel free to attend this open meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous during the First Event Conference. Meetings will be held each morning , Thursday thru Sunday at 9AM.
9:00A Body and Brain Yoga General Program Ms. Emmy Nim Northborough

Ms. Emmy
This class will concentrate on light stretching, proper breathing, meditation, relaxation and an introduction to Tai Chi. Loose and comfortable clothing such as Yoga pants, sweat pants, T-shirt and socks are needed, Shorts are not recommended. The class will slowly progress from simple stretching to prepare for further exercise, instruction on proper breathing and explanation why proper breathing is important everyday. You'll be taught ways to relax and meditate for everyday life, and accumulation of energy. Introduction to Tai Chi to show further ways to relax and focusing on rebalancing your body.
9:00A Great Brows Now General Program Donna Witt-Henderson Southborough

You see the brows you love in magazines: fluffy, perfectly groomed, stunning - yet you have trouble achieving that look. Well stop wishing for Great Brows and start today to learn how to design and create the brows you thought impossible ! Donna Witt-Henderson will show you how, step by step, to easily design your brows - to your features and face shape. Once you've got your design - then you will learn to Shape, Shade and Shave your brows into the beauties you've imagined ! Donna will provide you with a Twinkle shaver, brow pencil and instruction sheet so your brows with be 'close-up' ready !
9:00A Newcomers' Orientation General Program Ms. Lida Mullendore Wayland

Ms. Lida
Welcome Newcomers to the First Event Newcomers' Orientation. Please join us each morning at 9 am where we will welcome you personally and answer any questions.
10:00A History, Biology and Balance General Program Allyson Fox-Hale Sterling

History: Start with the first transgender in 1503BC and walk through historical time line to today, showing key people in history to talk about it, showed it, dressed in it. Touching both Male to Female as well as Female to Male. Biology: Touching on the XX, XY, XXY, X0 but adding in as well the Testosterone receptors or inability of the receptors during pregnancy. Balance: I talk about what happened to me, how I was “outed” at work, since I work in the Department of Corrections and serve in the Ma. National Guard, what I needed to do to be comfortable with both as I transition to become the woman I need to be. How I “owned” it all, walked tall and made a strong foundation of friends and supports in both lines of work
10:00A Fake Trans News General Program Mrs. Dawn Ennis Westborough

Mrs. Dawn
Our enemies have not been silent as we wage war for our rights. How should we respond when we see reports in right-wing and mainstream media that lie, attack, stereotype and misrepresent the facts? We'll examine some high profile reports that were shot down and others that perpetuate the myths of trans ppl as perverts, deranged and deceptive.
11:30A Breaking the Binary: A Conversation General Program Michael Delsine Southborough

What does is mean to be non-binary in 2018? Unlike many workshops which are designed as PowerPoint driven presentations by subject matter experts, "Breaking the Binary" is intended as an open space forum, which is based on inquiry, reflection, and learning, bringing out the best in both individuals and the group as a whole. Michael Delsine is a 40-something entertainment professional (actor, director, writer, producer) who moved to New England five years ago from Los Angeles and has been living openly as non-binary since beginning HRT in July 2016. Her interest in facilitating this discussion is bringing together a diverse group of conference attendees who identify across the gender spectrum to share their experiences and challenges in identifying as trans in today's world. The room is setup with chairs in a circle such that participants are encouraged to share and respectfully respond to the conversation that develops. Michael's role as facilitator is to guide the conversation asking the questions that spur deeper exploration of what it means to be part of the trans community, no matter how you identify. This common ground dialogue is a powerful tool for fostering personal validation and community inclusivity.
11:30A Native American Concepts of Gender General Program Dr. Kenneth Dollarhide Sterling

Dr. Kenneth
Over 175 Native American Nations and Tribes understood gender goes well beyond a binary. In most of these Tribes third and fourth gender individuals were seen as sacred and holders of special spiritual power. They would often hold special status within the Tribe or Nation serving in many capacities. For example, among the Lakota, the winkle often served in important spiritual traditions, they were often given orphan children to raise because they were seen as the ideal parent, they gave secret spiritual names, married, and served as story tellers among many other things. With the invasion of the European these transgender individuals were seen as "evil" or as "devils" both of whom were rejected by the Christian God. As a result they were used as live food for dogs and alligators. They were killed and abused in many ways by both soldiers and priests. In some Christian cemeteries they could not be buried because they were an abomination to God! In spite of everything in many tribes and Nations they still exist and still play an important role in tribal affairs.
11:30A Building a Personal Support System to Live An Authentic Life General Program Ms. Gabrielle Spierer Westborough

Ms. Gabrielle
Gabrielle will share her experiences building a support system. They will include: How to overcome fear to move ahead in our lives. Getting support from family and friends. Expanding support by developing a chosen family and making new friends. Going to counseling to build internal strength and become authentic, joining support groups, and how to find those people. Gabby will also discuss building a strategy and coming out on the job successfully. She'll share her experiences of coming out on the job in an environment where she dealt with the public as an independent contractor serving at will, having no protection and almost 1,000 customers.
1:00P FE18 Opening Luncheon with our special Guest Speaker.. Donna Price General Program Salon C
Join us for for the FE18 Opening Luncheon

Our very special guest speaker is the self described NOTORIOUS Donna Price, who has been living large and visibly as a OUT transgender woman, attorney and activist. Donna has been on the front lines of so many events this past year from The political debates, in her home of Charlottesville and the recent Virginia elections. She was also honored this year as one of the OUT 100. She will share much of her journey with all of us.
2:30P Anything STILL Goes: the Wide Wide World of Sex Determination General Program Ms. Marie Lamonte Southborough

Ms. Marie
If you look at just about any species that uses sex to reproduce, it's pretty easy to tell the two sexes apart by looking at their bodies, what's usually called the "biological" or "gonad" sex (hint: the genitals, people!). But, when it comes to "psychological sex" (the sex of the brain, including sexual orientation and gender identity), it's not so easy to tell the sexes apart, and this is true for many animals besides humans. Animals have evolved a dizzying array of methods to produce male and female "gonads" (the ovaries and testes in humans). For most animals, the choice between male gonads and female gonads is "either/or", and the other steps of sexual differentiation inevitably follow (but not always!). But what is really cool and fascinating is that psychological sex can be a spectrum of many potential states, and it can change over time, and, for the most part, how those things happen is still a mystery. In this workshop you'll hear about how sex determination (including our current "best guesses" about how psychological sex is determined) happens in humans.
2:30P Will Religion Trump Your Transgender Rights? General Program Rachel Alpert Sterling

Opponents of LGBT rights are back in the Supreme Court. Last year they pressed the Supreme Court to invalidate transgender bathroom rights. (The administration change sent that case in limbo.) Now, shepherding a Colorado baker into the Supreme Court as a religious freedom champion for refusing to make a cake for a gay couple, they are pressing religious and “free speech” exceptions from all federal AND state anti-discrimination laws. What will happen to transgender – and all LGBT - rights?
2:30P Living your life as a Trans person: Finding Joy and Happiness in Discovering Yourself General Program Ms. Stephanie Horne Sudbury

Ms. Stephanie
This session is focused on the issues facing transgendered individuals who are dealing with many issues that in life, as all people face every day, added to the fact that we also have to deal with our Gender Dysphoria. In this session we will have an open discussion about the things in life that are difficult to deal with as a Trans Person and ways to identify joy and happiness with things you can control in your lives as well as those things you can't control and how to you cope with them. The objective is to discover what works fr you as an individual learning from how others have coped and what you can do to reach out and find help to make life more pleasant and find a path to reach your personal goals in your gender journey.
4:00P Transgender Personalities in History, Parts I and II General Program Melissa Morton Southborough

Since humankind began to define the boundaries of gender behavior, there have been people who have defied or crossed over those boundaries. Hear about some of these individuals, from the 15th to the 21st centuries. Some of them were male to female, others of them were female to male. Some of them were transgender for most of their lives, others for only brief but significant periods in their lives. The deeds of some of these people have inspired books, plays, operas, and even beverages. All of them left a legacy of some sort. A brief biography of each individual profiled is available upon request.
4:00P The Art Stove Top Home Brewing General Program Samantha Ambrose Sterling

1-2 Hour Presentation of the fantastic hobby of home brewing, fine ales, excellent wines and Ancient Meads.
4:00P The Power of Voice: Finding And Expressing Your True Self General Program Ms. Linda Marks Westborough

Ms. Linda
The roots of voice originate in the spirit and soul. Having a voice allows us both to express and share our internal experience and to say things others need to hear us say. It hurts our hearts when parts of our voice are silenced or disallowed, by us internally or others around us. Our voice also allows us to communicate a sense of authentic identity. So, as we become more comfortable with who we are, it is important to learn how to have "authentic voice," so that we can show up as ourselves in our lives and in the world. We all have a unique voice and it is important to be comfortable speaking and being heard. This workshop will include heart meditations and other experiential exercises to help us explore our authentic voice and become more comfortable and familiar with our voice as a channel to express our life energy and use our heart's power in ways that are meaningful to self and others. This workshop will include singing as a way to enjoy using our voices for fun and self-expression and to connect with others without being limited to the spoken word.
6:15P Thursday Night Dinner OUT General Program Lobby

Come gather in the lobby to catch your bus to the selected restaurant. Further details on timing tbd


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