2020 Presenter Biographies


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Kim Adams
Be the Author of Your Last Chapter: The Importance of Advance Care Planning for the LGBT Community

Kim Adams is a certified professional coach and end of life educator. Her business, Powerful U End of Life Coaching, focuses on supporting people to 'create the roadmap NOW for the final chapter of their life' with Advance Care Planning. She is the host of her free monthly webinar series, "Vital Conversations: Dialogues on Living and Dying Well" which has now gained international attention. In addition to working 1-1 with individuals and families, Kim is a sought after speaker and conference presenter on grief, loss, and end of life topics including Advance Care Planning. Her heart-centered approach allows people the space to reflect on what is important to them while living, so that they can prepare for the end whenever that time comes. Prior to working in the end-of-life arena for the last 5 years, Kim had her own practice as a full-time licensed massage therapist and energy healer. She also has a background in case management, having worked for almost a decade with homeless families and with people with HIV/AIDS in the 1990's. To learn more about Kim, please visit her website: http://www.powerfulu.com

Mike Adams
Traveling Programs Museum of Science

Traveling Programs with the Museum of Science is excited to join First Event! This fleet of seven vans attends schools, summer programs, and other community organizations and events to bring STEM education across a wide range of ages. We offer over 30 different curriculums and have the opportunity to work with more than 100, 000 annually. We can be contacted at travelingprograms@mos.org and 6175890354.

Dr. Blaise Aguirre

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Dr. Connelly Akstens
Professor, SUNY Empire State College

Connelly Akstens is a professor of Cultural Studies at SUNY/ Empire State College. Connelly has recently completed a memoir, "Beyond Shame: My Anecdotal Life." In addition to many magazine and journal publications and a significant musical career, Connelly has done outreach at colleges, corporate settings and community organizations as a volunteer speaker for SpeakOut Boston.

Mr. Michael Alexander

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Michelle Allison LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Michelle Allison is a fully out transgender woman (she, her, hers) and a CT Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She earned a BA from Amherst College (1964) and an MA from the University of Connecticut (1988). She maintains a full time psychotherapy private practice in Storrs, CT. Michelle’s life has something of an ‘upside down’ quality’: wandering in the psychologiical gender wilderness from ages 13 to 73, before she finally was able to embrace her authentic identity in 2016. She was married for 35 years and has two grown children, ages 29 and 24. Earlier in her life she was a banjo maker and ran a small musical instrument business (the ‘Allison banjo’ lives on!). She is also an artist, making sculptural wooden vessels using a wood lathe. She exhibited at high end art and craft shows for about ten years. About one third of her clients are gender variant (trans, non-binary) or other queer folks. She works with adults, couples and adolescents. In addition to working as a gender therapist, Michelle’s clinical interests are also focused her cis clients: their attachment , trauma and identity issues. She also uses her dually gendered perspective to work with cis couples; and to rescue cis men from the suffocating impact of patriarchy and the problematic legacy of male socialization. Michelle’s message to all her clients is: ‘…appearances notwithstanding, I’m really just like you!’.

Ms. Rachel Alpert

Rachel teaches law at Suffolk Law School in Boston. She has 36 years' experience as a lawyer, including 8 years as a public interest advocate, in litigation at law firms, and as inhouse counsel for a computer company and a food company. She has taught courses at a local college on "Sex. Gender, Bathrooms and the Supreme Court", "The Rise of Religion in the Supreme Court”, and “Freedom of Speech”, and us currently teaching a course on James Joyce’s Ulysses. She is socially and politically active, involved in the successful Massachusetts battle to add public accommodation protection for transgender people to the state anti-discrimination law and as a canvassing coordinator for Elizabeth Warren.

Mr. Anthony Arrien

Anthony Arrien is a 66 year old transgender man who has facilitated The LOFT’s adult transgender peer support group twice per month for several years. In addition to the LOFT's annual Hudson Valley Trans Forum he has done presentations at Philly Transgender Wellness Conference, Trans Lives Conference at UCONN, PrideWorks at Pace University, local library programs and for medical and mental health associations. With GLSEN he does trainings for school administrations and at schools of social work. He is a board member of The LOFT and GLSEN Hudson Valley, is active in PFLAG Putnam and is chair of the LGBTQIA Social Justice Team at Community Unitarian Universalist Congregation in White Plains. He is also a filmmaker who produces PSA's and has done legislative visits for LGBTQ advocacy in New York State.

Leo Austin-Spooner

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Tom Barber

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Ms. Elizabeth Anne Biddle
Elizabeth Anne Biddle

Elizabeth Anne Biddle is an award-winning actor, opera singer, vocal coach, and public speaker who has called four continents home. Raised in Hong Kong, Elizabeth trained in theatre and voice at The Eugene O'Neill Theater Center (US), Oxford University (UK), Trinity Laban Conservatoire (UK), and The Bel Canto Institute (Italy). Elizabeth has been seen in national commercials as well as on television and in film, and has performed onstage in 15 countries. Elizabeth founded the first vocal studio in Hong Kong to teach and promote healthy singing, and continues to teach students worldwide virtually. Elizabeth is passionate about sharing her knowledge of how to support the voice and expand the vocal range in a healthy and sustainable way. @elizabethannebiddle

Dr. Elizabeth Boskey
Social Worker and Researcher, Center for Gender Surgery

Elizabeth Boskey, PhD, MPH, MSSW is a social worker and researcher in the Center for Gender Surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. As a certified sexuality educator and certified health education specialist, she has been engaged in research and education about gender and sexuality for more than two decades. She has contributed to numerous books and articles on sexual health and related fields and is on the editorial board of the American Journal of Sex Education.

Center for Gender Surgery Boston Children's Hospital

The Center for Gender Surgery is an interdisciplinary team of clinicians (urology, plastic surgery, nursing, social work) who offer gender affirming surgery to adolescents and young adults (18-35) at Boston Children's Hospital. The center offers top surgery for both men and women (15+) as well as vaginoplasty (17+) and phalloplasty/metoidioplasty (18+).

Heather Bourque

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Irene Brank

Irene Brank is storyteller, speaker, and advocate for the transgender community. She specializes in transgender education, consultation, transition at work consultation, and leading gender transitions in the workplace. As an ally, she frequently works with parents, transgender people, and insurance companies. Irene is a frequent speaker for corporations and non-profit events. Outside of speaking, Irene is a human resources and inclusion leader with extensive experience in energizing, motivating, and transforming organizations.

Samantha Brank

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Mr. Mateo Bruce
Creator Of PTB Apparel

I'd like to introduce a topic regarding trans people of color. I'd like to speak on the importance of mental health awareness, having a strong support system, building a family that can support your new trans self, and being trans in the work place. I'd ideally like to assist people with how they can treat themselves during transition. I feel this audience in particular is struggling with access to the proper resources and support.

Shen C

Shen is an introverted technologist from a faraway country. She likes building things, making art, and spending time with her partner.

Ms. Christine Campbell-Caulfield

Christine is a former public high school history and civics teacher with 24 years teaching experience, the last three out and proud. She was one of a original team of five teachers who designed, wrote, and team-taught a course called "Power and Privilege," where high school juniors and seniors explored all aspects of privilege in American society. Christine has taught the sexual and gender orientation units of that course, as well as the wealth and inequity unit. She has also been successfully navigating staying married with her long-term partner through the past twelve years, learning a great deal on the way. She is now working with Mainetransnet as a group facilitator, and working towards a more activist role in the organization. Mainetransnet is the oldest peer-to-peer trans support group in the United States, dedicated to individual support and representing the trans community in Maine to the public.

Bob Caravana

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Carol Caravana

Carol and her husband, Bob, are proud parents of their 30 year old daughter and 27 year old son (trans). Carol is a facilitator of GBPFLAG and Lex Pride support groups for parents of transgender and gender-nonconforming children. Carol is also active with the Livingston Pangburn Transgender Access Partnership, a non-profit organization that raises funds for services involving transgender youth and their families. This is Carol’s fifth year as Youth and Family Program Co-Coordinator with First Event and working..

Rev. Sarah Carpenter

Sarah Carpenter was a clinical engineer at the University of Vermont until she retired in 2012, and is also a transgender advocate and gender diversity trainer who has spoken at locations throughout New England and across the country, working to improve the lives of transgender adults and children. She served a three year term on the University of Vermont President's committee for LGBT Rights, on the HRC national editorial board for the the series “Out in Scripture”, "Out in Season" and was a contributing writer for the HRC publication “Gender Identity & Our Faith Communities.” She has presented at First Event since 2003, for 4 years at the Empire Conference in Albany NY, at the 2015 PFLAG National Convention and at the Philadelphia Transgender Health Conference since 2015. She continues to speak at conferences nationally. A mid-career change of direction occurred in 1996 when she received a Bachelors Degree in Religion and Philosophy and was ordained. She went on to receive a Masters Degree in Biblical Studies in 2000, a Doctorate in New Testament Studies in 2006 and was recently awarded an honorary DD for her advocacy for transgender rights.

Dr. Jeremi Carswell
Director, GeMS Program

Dr. Jeremi Carswell (she/her/hers) is a pediatric endocrinologist and current director of Boston Children's Hospital GeMS (Gender Management Service) program, a post she assumed in July 2015 after training with Dr. Norman Spack. She has been working with the GeMS interdisciplinary team to create an individualized treatment approach to gender variant youth, adolescents and young adults. Her research interests involve answering clinically relevant questions about the treatment of gender expansive youth. Native to the Boston area, she completed medical school and pediatric residency at UMass Medical School and did her fellowship in pediatric endocrinology at Boston Children's Hospital. My research interests are clinical and aimed at improving care for trans and gender non-conforming youth. I'm particularly interested in the interplay of hormones and height. I'm a 5th generation "Massachsetts-ian" and grew up right near here. When I'm not at work I'm usually reading, skiing, or baking.

Ethan Casteel

I'm a trans man living in Somerville and the oldest of 5. In addition to working and making fun of our parents on the sibling group chat, I like to play games of all kinds and make corny trans jokes.

Elijah Castle
Medical Case Manager

Elijah Castle (they/he) is a person of transgender experience. They work as a Medical Case Manager in the HOTT (Health Outreach to Teens) program at Callen-Lorde, a Federally Qualified Health Center in New York City. They spend their time helping youth ages 13-24 navigate the medical system, most often working with trans-identified youth. They also work on a volunteer basis with the NYU transgender surgery program. Their main goal is to work to remove barriers to affirming and lifesaving care for transgender and non-binary individuals by educating them on the intricacies of their health care, and to educate providers and caregivers on how best to create environments that support trans and gender non-binary people. Eli runs the website www.transknowledge.me.

Curtis Cetrulo

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Dr. Roxanne Cherry
Licensed Marriage, Family & Child Therapist

Dr. Roxanne Cherry has been a Marriage Family Therapist in private practice for 30 years. She specializes in groups & families with gender identity and GLBTQ concerns, as well as addiction, communication skills, grief, loss, anxiety, depression and family relations. Her clients are in all stages of life, from children to seniors, and she often incorporates art therapy, hypnotherapy and pet-assisted therapy in her work. In addition to continuing education seminars, she also consults with other mental health professionals to assist them in their work involving gender creative and GLBTQ issues.

Dr. Roxanne Cherry
Marriage, Family & Child Therapist

Roxanne Cherry has been a Marriage, Family & Child Therapist in private practice for over 30 years. She specializes in groups & families with gender identity and GLBT concerns, as well as addiction, communication skills, grief, loss, anxiety, depression and family relations. Her clients are in all stages of life, from children to seniors, and she often incorporates art therapy, hypnotherapy and pet-assisted therapy in her work. In addition to continuing education seminars, she also consults with other mental health professionals to assist them in their work involving gender dysphoria and GLBT issues.

Dr. Stuart Chipkin

Dr. Stuart R. Chipkin, MD, FACE, is a Board Certified Endocrinologist with over 25 years of experience providing care to transgender patients. He has been invited to participate in panel discussions at several New England events and has been invited to review scientific articles related to transgender care for several medical journals. He is a faculty member in the School of Public Health and Health Sciences at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He has previously served on the faculty of Tufts University Medical School and of Boston University School of Medicine. In addition to his academic activities, he maintains a practice in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism at in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Laurie Chism
Master Wig Maker/Designer

Beauty expert  & master hairpiece designer Laurie Chism is an author and founder of Everyday Beautiful Wigs & Glam, Everyday Beautiful Wigs are designed to look & feel exactly like human hair without the human hair price tag. Everyday Beautiful Wigs exclusive technology is patent pending and unlike anything your have experienced Laurie Chism  is an industry leader Specializing  in both custom wigs and glamorous transformations Laurie is a Member of AICI and NTTI, Laurie is a lifelong resident of the Tampa Bay area with over 25  years experience in the fashion and beauty industry. Laurie is constantly staying up to date on the very latest  beauty trends both by attending and teaching at industry trade shows all over the world. Driven by her love of helping people  Laurie’s & her  team of experts are constantly innovating new formulas & techniques to keep clients looking and feeling extraordinary. Laurie passionately strives to make a difference and have a positive impact on her community and in the lives of others.

Kristen Ciccolini

Kristen Ciccolini is a solopreneur, holistic nutritionist, and modern witch helping busy folx manage their health naturally through nourishing foods and rituals. With private coaching, online courses, cooking classes, and wellness workshops, she provides practical tools and strategies that help strengthen mindset, intuition, and self-trust.

Andrew Cohen
Supervising Attorney

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Melanie Cohn-Hopwood

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Dr. Mandy Coles
Professor of Pediatrics at the Adolescent Center at Boston Medical Center, Boston University School of Medicine

Professor of Pediatrics at the Adolescent Center at Boston Medical Center, Boston University School of Medicine

Mx. Courtney Cox Wakefield
Digital Marketing Consultant, Speaker, Author, and Podcast Host

For 15 years, Courtney (they/them) has been on a mission to destroy digital marketing mediocrity. They've helped dozens of clients and employers abandon the gut-feeling approach to marketing, challenge the status quo, and drive digital innovation. Recently, they launched the For Folx Sake podcast with the mission to help listeners cultivate inclusive communities. Courtney contributes to marketing publications such as The Journal of Brand Strategy and is on the editorial board for The Journal of Digital and Social Media Strategy. They also co-authored a book on Voice Search.

Ms. Stevielouise Crecelius

At the age of 6, I had the onset of Tourette's Syndrome, began to question my gender and developed my first photograph print in a darkroom. I was painfully shy. Very secretly, I wore my moms bright red lipstick and some of her clothing. By age 12, I was struggling with depression not knowing how I was ever going to present to the world as a girl when I was being raised as a boy. As a result, I attempted suicide 3 times at age 12. I was convinced that God hated me and I certainly hated me... On my third attempt I was on the roof above our bathroom where there was a pipe extruding out of the roof. I tied a rope around the pipe and the other end around my neck. I was crying profusely as I edged towards the end of the roof and just as I was pushing myself off, I had a vision of my dad finding me. It shocked me back into reality because my dad was my best friend. I say that love saved me! I realized that I could just pretend to be a boy and that seemed so much easier. Men are recognized by their achievements and so I set out to be the best man I could be. I became an award winning photographer, a decorated police officer and won a TV Newsfilm Emmy as well as honors such as business of the year and employee of the month. I've been married for 33 years and we have six kids and 15 grandkids. My story went viral in 2012 and have been on syndicated shows like Inside Edition and Dr. Drew and various programs and publications around the world. I am writing a book called "Both Sides Now

Patience Crozier
Senior Staff Attorney

Patience “Polly” Crozier is a Senior Staff Attorney at GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders, a New England-wide organization promoting justice and equality on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity and HIV status. Polly came to GLAD from private practice where her work focused on LGBTQ probate and family law, including appeals, adoption, divorce, dissolution, guardianship of minors, paternity, parentage, name changes, gender marker changes and assisted reproduction issues. At GLAD, Polly’s work focuses on youth and family issues throughout New England through impact litigation, individual representation, legislative and administrative advocacy, and public education. In family law, Polly's work focuses on statutory reform of parentage laws that ensures equality for all children without regard to the gender or marital status of their parents or the circumstances of their birth. Polly also represents and provides technical assistance in the area of family law to parents supporting their transgender children and to transgender youth seeking access to gender affirming care. Polly is a graduate of Yale University and Boston College Law School, and she served as a law clerk to the Honorable Irma S. Raker of the Maryland Court of Appeals and to the Justices of the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court.

Lisa Dacer

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Ms. Renee Degon

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Paula Degree

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Dr. David Diamond

David A. Diamond is a Professor of Surgery (Urology) at Harvard Medical School and Urologist-in-Chief and Associate Clinical Ethicist at Children’s Hospital, Boston. He received his medical degree from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry in 1978 and completed urology residency at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. He served as the Herbert Johnston Research Fellow in pediatric urology at the University of Liverpool and Senior Registrar to Mr. Philip Ransley at the Great Ormond Street Hospital and Institute of Urology, London. He was a Fellow in Medical Ethics at Harvard Medical School from 2001-2002, and serves on the Children’s Hospital Ethics Advisory Committee. Dr. Diamond’s research interests include the adolescent varicocele and ethical issues related to disorders of sexual differentiation and gender assignment. He is Co-Director of the Center for Gender Surgery and the Gender Management Service (GeMS) at Children’s Hospital.

Jim Dowrey

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Wendy Dowrey

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Gia Drew
Program Director, EqualityMaine, Diversity Consultant

Gia Drew is Program Director at EqualityMaine, working to advance and protect the rights of LGBTQ Mainers. At EqualityMaine, Gia works to end discrimination against transgender Mainers, oversees education and outreach, youth programming, and advocates for polices and laws that protect the LGBTQ community. She serves on multiple statewide committees and advisory groups, including MaineCare Advisory Committee, Maine Health Access Foundation Advisory Committee, UNE School of Social Work Community Advisory Group, and the Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault LGBTQ+ Advisory Board. She also operates Gia Drew Consulting, which provides education and knowledge to better understand sex and gender diversity in regards to public policy, business practices, educational settings, and healthcare. Before becoming a LGBTQ advocate, she was a high school teacher and coach for twenty years. In that time, she became one of Maine's first OUT transgender public school teachers and one of the first transgender high school coaches in the country.

Mr. Jeremy Du

Jeremy DU is the founder of LGBTQ+A. LGBTQ+A is an organization that focus on the space for LGBTQ community. The goal is to create a more friendly and inclusive world through designs, researches and actions. LGBTQ+A believes designers and architects could build a better world for LGBTQ group through their works. Du is also a professional designer. He graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design. He received AIA-RI Norton Salk Scholarship for Design Excellence award in 2016. He also received the grad scholarships and grad project grand at RISD. Du is a professional architect, practicing for four years, before entering the graduate program at RISD. As an architect, Du was working with many professional and renowned senior architects. His architectural practice focuses on the space for LGBTQ community.

Miss JD Dubois

JD Dubois is a Licensed New York Cosmetologist and Makeup artist. Has been in the beauty world for over 25 years, as well as working with many Makeup artists, Filmmakers and the Transgender Community. JD is also an Artist, Musician, Filmmaker, Actor, Comedian and impersonator. Have done workshops about beauty and makeup in several venues, including doing makeovers to women with Cancer in the program "Look Good Feel Better" and also in Transgender Beauty pageants in Spain, London, South America and events like "Fantasia Fair" and others. Looking to help the community and celebrate beauty.

Mason Dunn
Director of Advocacy at Keshet

Mason (he/him or they/them) is the Director of Advocacy at Keshet, an organization working to achieve LGBTQ equality in Jewish life. With nearly 15 years experience working for transgender rights and equity across the country, they are the former executive director at the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition, co-chair of the Yes on 3 campaign, adjunct faculty at UNH Manchester, and the Communications and Community Organizing Fellow at the ACLU of New Hampshire. Mason earned their J.D. from the University of New Hampshire School of Law in 2012, and a B.A. from Western Oregon University. When Mason isn't working for trans rights, they spend as much time as possible in the outdoors. In 2018, Mason hiked the Massachusetts section of the Appalachian Trail (106 miles) with their colleague and friend, Ev Evnen (and Ev's trusty trail dog, Max). The project, known as #Hike4Rights, was an effort to raise awareness for the Yes on 3 campaign, and the realities of being trans on the trail. Mason enjoys kayaking, backpacking, camping AND glamping, and spending time with their spouse of nearly 12 years, Lauren.

Natalie E

Natalie’s first event was last year. She recognized the challenge of dating, meeting new friends, and wanting to establish a safe and private way to meet. She intends to talk with a F2M colleague on transitioning and the steps but then also spend some time discussing dating. Any transitioning folks and then also anyone looking to date and meet should come to this seminar. Please be prepared to identify about the kind of person you are seeking :)

Ms. Celia Eberle
CiCi Eberle

CiCi Eberle is a veteran, ever-evolving, performing songwriter, covering a range of musical styles, with influences drawn from folk, acoustic rock and blues. Performing her original music around Boston for the last six years, CiCi has come into her own after transplanting from Colorado, where she played with the folk-rock group Cynova. CiCi delivers her relatable compositions with an engaging, personable style that is always good for some laughs. She mines simple, every-day topics to create honest, quirky, off-beat songs that span the full range of emotions. CiCi is an accomplished guitar player, effortlessly integrating her rhythmic, finger picked stylings as another voice in her story telling. Informed by her perspective as a trans woman, CiCi is active in many social causes that are reflected in her lyrics. With Cynova and solo, CiCi has performed at multiple conferences, Pride Events and Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) events. She is also a regular attendee at the Rocky Mountain Song School and other workshops where she has honed songwriting skills with instructors such as Darrell Scott, Peter Mulvey, Dar Williams, Mary Gauthier, Pat Pattison, Vance Gilbert, Steve Seskin, Kai Welch, Ellis Delany and many others. CiCi completed her first full-length CD, The Color of Sunlight in 2016. CiCi's follow-up 5-song EP released in 2019 EP, Anaconda Meltdown features the single West. CiCi's music can be found on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Athena Edmonds
LGBTQ Youth Advocate

Athena Edmonds is a Greater Boston PFLAG Parent Support Group Facilitator and an advocate for LGBTQ Youth. Served on the Board of GBPFLAG, and on the MA Commission on LGBTQ Youth for the past six years. Advocated with the legislature, the insurance industry, and the medical establishment to address LGBTQ healthcare disparities. Presented to insurance companies, the Massachusetts Department of Insurance, and many hospitals in the Boston area including McLean and Mass. General Hospital. Athena is also a writer and was poet-in-residence at Everett High School in 2017. Since completing her MFA in Creative Writing at Leslie University, her poetry has appeared in several literary journals. She has completed residencies at Ragdale, the Atlantic Center for the Arts, the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts, and Hedgebrook. She co-founded a poetry program at the Concord Massachusetts Correctional Institution and taught men incarcerated for life at the Baystate Correctional Center for seven years as a volunteer with PEN New England.

Diane Ellaborn

Diane Ellaborn, LICSW, DCSW. Ms. Ellaborn underwent in-depth specialized training and years of supervision to become a gender specialist. Diane is a compassionate and caring professional who had devoted almost 30 years of her 40 year career to the care and counseling of transgender children, adolescents and adults. This has been her primary specialty in her full time private practice. Ms. Ellaborn has seen over 1,000 clients with gender dysphoria spanning 5 to 80 years old. She is a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). She meets the WPATH Standards of Care (SOC) criteria to be considered a qualified mental health professional with competency to work with adults, adolescents and children who present with gender dysphoria. She is considered an expert in the field of gender dysphoria. She frequently trains and supervises other gender therapists. Ms. Ellaborn has presented workshops and provided trainings on gender dysphoria locally and internationally including workshops at First Event since 1996. She is one of the founding organizers of the First Event Professional Training. She was one of the first presenters to do youth and family workshops since 2009. She has testified as a gender specialist in court cases including federal tax court and cases on behalf of transgender prisoners. She has been a consultant on workplace trainings to major corporations, educational institutions such as MIT and state agencies such as the Department of Mental Health. She has provided in-depth training to school systems on student gender transition and transgender issues. She has also appeared locally and nationally on television as a gender specialist. In her private practice Ms. Ellaborn has developed an extensive network of resources for her transgender clients and their families including referrals to medical, surgical and supportive services. Diane Ellaborn, LICSW, DCSW is located in Framingham, MA and can be reached at at 508-788-5406 or ellaborn@aol.com.

Delhia Emanuel

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Ms. Jackie Euell

As a recently out trans woman (March 2017) I wanted to share my experience with coming out in the business world. I work for a Fortune 10 company which has accomodating policies for transgender workers yet I still needed to employ a significant amount of self advocacy to navigate corporate waters and realize a successful workplace transition.

Dr. A Evan Eyler
Professor of Psychiatry and Family Medicine, University of Vermont

A Evan Eyler, MD, MPH, is a Professor of Psychiatry and Family Medicine at the Robert Larner, MD, College of Medicine at the University of Vermont. Dr Eyler has worked in transgender health since 1995 and is co-editor of the books, Principles of Transgender Medicine and Surgey (1st ed), from Haworth Press, (2007), and Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Aging: Challenges in Research, Practice and Policy, from Johns Hopkins University Press (2012). Areas of current focus include coming out as trans* and transition concerns at different ages, and trans* living in middle and older adulthood. First Event is a breath of fresh air and I am very pleased to be here again.

Ms. Emily Fallon
Senior Media Tech / Youtuber

Emily is a 33 year old Trans-woman from Boston. She has been Transitioning for just over three years now and has been full-time two years. She currently works for Boston University College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences as a senior media tech, to which she was recently promoted to post-transition. Emily is an ardent Trans activist and has spent time volunteering for Freedom Massachusetts. Emily also has been running a successful Youtube channel for the past year, documenting her transition and day to day life, but more importantly promoting confidence and positivity in Transitioning! Emily felt that that this was a gap in narratives about Transition and hoped her channel could be inspiring to others - and it has! She currently has over 300,000 views! In her spare time, she enjoys spending with friends and family, and pursuing her hobby of screenwriting.

Wanda Flores
Registered Nurse

Wanda Flores,RN has worked in the department of OB/GYN as a Registered Nurse for the past 5 years supporting Dr. Yvonne Gomez-Carrion. Since 2006 she has supported the Transgender community by understanding that sensitivity is key when administering care to transgender patients. It is important that all patients feel welcome and understand the importance of receiving care. Nurses have an ethical duty to treat all patients with respect and dignity. Patients will become familiar with Wanda and her bubbly personality has they receive care. Wanda will help patients schedule appointments, schedule their surgery and answer any questions they may have with a smile.

Dr. Oren Ganor
Co-Director, Center for Gender Surgery

Dr. Ganor is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who specializes in complex reconstructions, microsurgery and in gender-affirming surgeries for the transgender community. He is co-director of the Center for Gender Surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital, which is proud to be the first transgender surgical center in a pediatric hospital in North America . As a reconstructive plastic surgeon who completed two Harvard fellowships in Breast Reconstruction & Microsurgery at BIDMC and in Craniofacial & Pediatric Plastic Surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital, Dr. Ganor’s skill set allows him to bring new fields and techniques to the community. He is also deeply invested in clinical research, and the Center’s research team is working on several projects designed to assessing and improving surgical outcomes and quality of life for transgender patients. Through his work with the Center, Dr. Ganor aspires to use research to improve the field of gender confirming surgery, provide the highest quality of care to patients, and educate the next generation of healthcare providers in quality, gender care.

Mr. Andy Gavin

Andy is a stealth, gay male-identified FTM who medically transitioned in the mid-1990s. He was on the organizing committee for the 1997 FTMI conference and has attended and presented at numerous trans conferences, including FTMI, True Spirit, Gender Odyssey, First Event, and IFGE. He is also the author of the FTM Passing Tips web site (www.ftmpassingtips.com). He lives in New England with his husband and their cat.

Ava Glasscott

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Dr. Robert Goldstein
Medical Director

Robert Goldstein is an Infectious Disease physician at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA and Instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School. He completed his internship, residency and chief residency at Massachusetts General Hospital, and Infectious Disease fellowship in the combined Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital program. His fellowship training was focused on HIV prevention and management, as well as HPV disease. He currently is the Medical Director the MGH Transgender Health Program and his clinical practice includes HIV primary care, as well as care for sexual and gender minority patients.

Dr. Yvonne Gomez-Carrion

Yvonne Gomez-Carrion MD, F.A.C.O.G., is an Assistant Professor in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Harvard Medical School. She has been an attending at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center since 1987. She has been at the forefront of transgender care in her department. She has presented at local and national conferences on transgender care sharing valuable lessons learned along the journey to achieving cultural literacy enabling other clinicians to build their own understanding of transgender issues and challenges so the broader medical can provide more sensitive and appropriate care. Dr. Gomez-Carrion was awarded the 2018 Massachusetts Medical Society Committee's LGBTQ Health award.

Vibbiano Gonzalez
TGNB Surgery Doula

Vibianno Imanuel Gonzalez is a TGNB Integrated Patient Navigator at Callen-Lorde Community Health Center. He relocated to New York City in 2018 to continue his work in resource development and community organizing for the trans community. They enjoy writing, long bike rides and smashing the patriarchy. Vib also serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico. Since 2015, Vib has facilitated support groups and Transgender 101 cultural humility trainings. They have proudly participated in educational conferences for a myriad of schools, offices and professional communities.

Kay Gordon

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Tara Greeley
Area Director, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Tara is the Area Director of MA for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is the largest suicide prevention non-profit in the country and works to carry out the mission of saving lives and bring hope to all those affected by suicide. These initiatives are executed on both national and local levels through research, advocacy, education and survivor outreach programming and support. Tara enacts these initiatives on the local level through management of the MA Board of Directors, large- and small-scale fundraising events including community walks, the Boston Marathon and a cocktail event at Fenway Park, and programming such as Talk Saves Lives, More Than Sad and It's Real.

Erik H

Erik is Vice President of Trans Club New England, the nonprofit parent organization that hosts First Event. Erik also serves as Director of the Transmasculine Track at First Event, this year. Erik is a trans person who is interested in disability rights and culture, science fiction, and music of all kinds. Erik shares his life with his lovely trans partner, and a grumpy cat.

Andre Harris

I am a man of trans experience with experience that I want to share with my community.

Dr. Aude Henin
Co-Director, Child CBT Program, Mass General Hospital

No Bio Provided

Dr. Gennifer Herley
Dr. Gennifer Herley

Dr. Gennifer Herley is a Psychologist and a Transformational Life Coach who helps individuals develop A Better Life for Their self, with Their Partner and Their Family. She is the Executive Director of TransNewYork a non-profit organization. She is a transgender woman who is currently transitioning. TransNewYork is a transgender platform and community built on the importance of collaboration, unique expression, and individualism — tied in with infinite oneness. We’re committed to helping others find and express their gender identity in their own way, and we give the utmost care to all individuals and their families. As part of our mission, we provide education, advocacy, and resources while promoting awareness to the community at large, including businesses, schools, and state and local government agents.

Reese Himmer

No Bio Provided

Mr. Reese Himmer
Financial Coach

Reese Himmer is on a mission to help people transform their finances so they can get out of the red and into the black! He is a financial coach and the owner of In the Black Financial Coaching, LLC. After watching two close family members struggle to pay off their student loans, he realized he wanted to be able to help those around him get out of debt, stop living paycheck-to-paycheck, and plan for a better future. He attended the Financial Coach Academy to learn how to do just that! Reese also holds a master’s degree in occupational therapy from Tufts University and an undergraduate degree from Oberlin College. In his other life, he works as an Evaluations Editor at the Perkins School for the Blind. He has an amazing wife and two daughters.

Ms. Karen Holmes
Speaker / Advocate

Karen Kendra Holmes works for the Federal Government as a Safety Officer. Besides her full- time job with the Federal Government she is a part-time radio host on WPFW 89.3 FM on the “Inside Out LGBTQ Show” on WPFW 89.3 FM. She also writes a column for Baltimore OUTloud under the column called “Trans Lives”. Karen received the Engendered Spirit Award from Capital Pride on June 7, 2018. She also was a TEDx Speaker with TEDx Asbury Park, NJ on May 19, 2018. In April 2017 she received the “2017 Monica Roberts Advocacy Award”. She was selected in January 2017 by LGBTQ Nation as one of the “Top 50 Successful Transgender Americans You Need to Know”. In May of 2015, she was honored in a special edition among 41 other women from around the world in The Platform Magazine, for up and inspiring females who have made a difference with their platform and inspired others with their positive values towards others. In April 2014 she received the “Willis Greene Community Service Award” and the “Unsung Hero Award-Team” by the Corporation for National & Community Service. In October 2013 she received “Soldier of the Year”, out of the country, by the State Guard Association of the United States out of 24 states and 23 thousand soldiers. In December 2012 she received “NCO Soldier of the Year” by the Maryland State Guard Association and The Maryland Defense Force. She was selected in August 2012 by The International Women’s Leadership Association, "A Woman of Outstanding Leadership in the Business Owner Division". She has her own side business called SafetyFirst DMV and is certified as an instructor through the National Safety Council (NSC). Karen believes whole heartedly in the importance of and Giving Back to her Community.

Stephanie Horne

As a mature transgendered woman, I know how difficult it is to be able to find people like ourselves to talk to, go out with and to have relationships where you are able to open up. This session is about finding friends, community and building lasting relationships that allow us to move through life with those who feel as we do.

Michelle James

Trans woman, member TCNE, board member serving as the treasurer. I work as an AirTraffic. Controller in Hyannis Ma. Live in Mashpee MA. I sing in Choral groups and a member of the John Wesley United Methodist Church in Falmouth. 3 Adult daughters and one granddaughter, I’ve been called the greatest grandfather of all time, true. Right now my passion is the exclusion of LGBTQ in full participation of my Protestant denomination and working to change that. My church is set to break up over this issue come a springtime conference, which I hope to participate in. To that end I would like to present at First Event on this subject,. I would design a workshop around the history of the church in America and the inclusion/exclusion of the LGBTQ community

Debbie Jamieson

No Bio Provided

Mrs. Stephanie Anne Jeffries
Identity and Privacy Strategist

Stephanie Anne Jeffries is an identity and privacy strategist who's passionate about sharing her experience and knowledge about maintaining the privacy of your internet identity. With decades of experience in data security advocacy and IT marketing at the top global corporations in the marketing data, advertising, and tech industries, she's spoken as a subject matter expert in over 50 event keynotes, speakers panels, podcasts, webinars, track sessions, and videos - and has appeared on network syndicated news and live on the highest-rated news broadcast in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Jae Johns
Children's Librarian

Originally from South Carolina, Jae (they/them) can often be found slinging books and fooling around with robots in the children's room at the Cary Library in Lexington, MA.

Dr. Melissa Johnson

Practicing Plastic Surgery for 18 years in Springfield, MA. Board Certified in Plastic Surgery, Member of ASPS, ASAPS, NESPRS and Mass Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Ms. Jessica Kagan
Software Engineer

I'm a historian turned web developer turned author and musician - in a way, I'm all of them at the same time. I was born in Massachusetts, but I moved throughout the country in my youth, only to end up back here as an adult. Usually, when I describe myself to tech recruiters, I emphasize the diversity of my interests and how I've tied them together to create cool projects. To the rest of the world, though, I'm an engineer. Besides my tech work, I release music ("metaltronica") under the name Planepacked, and I published an urban fantasy novel (Behind the Bitmask) on November 1st, 2019.

Ms. Alice Kalafarski
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Alice Kalafarski is a trans woman who has been involved in queer activism for the past 15 years. She was a leader in protesting the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival’s exclusion of trans women from ‘07 to ‘13. She has spent years volunteering as a mentor to trans youth and was active in the Maine and Rhode Island marriage equality campaigns. She also was an organizer in the 2018 “Yes on 3” campaign to defend trans rights in Massachusetts. Alice’s work in mental health started when she became the first trans woman to volunteer for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC) in ‘09; she spent six years at BARCC as a hotline crisis counselor. Alice enrolled at Lesley University and graduated with a masters in clinical mental health counseling. She received additional training and certification from the Northeast Society for Group Psychotherapy. She has worked for three years at community mental health agency in Dorchester serving low-income families, and she opened up a private practice in Cambridge this year.

PD Kaltenbach
Sr.Electrical Engineer

I her 40 years of near-continuous career-related travel the presenter has navigated hundreds of airports in 68 countries, continually evolving a well developed methodology for the most friction-free air travel experience possible. In addition to insights gained working for one of the three major air-frame manufacturers she also spent part of her professional career working behind the scenes for one of the world's largest airport authorities.

Jason Kan

No Bio Provided

Ms. Pam Klein

Pam Klein initiated a Transgender Program at Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program in 2008 and manages the program to this day. She is also the Nurse Liaison for BMC's Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery. Pam got her start in transgender health care in 1994 at San Francisco's Tom Waddell Clinic, and she is forever indebted to the patients and mentors there who were the inspiration for her to continue this work on the east coast.

Mr. Glenn Koenig
Author & Lecturer

Glenn identifies as a gender queer person who has kept his male body. His first book, “a man wearing a dress,” was published in 2017. Back in 2001, he began a deep personal investigation of his own sexuality and gender identity. At first thinking that he might be transgender (on the path to HRT and SRS), he eventually came to embrace his “two spirit” nature. He wrote the book to help others understand the process he went through. Recently, he developed a series of workshops to promote self acceptance for everyone. Glenn has a B.A from Goddard College where he first developed his interest in gender studies. He has directed his own education ever since.

Chloé LaCasse
Public Speaker | Educator | Advocate

Chloé LaCasse is a storyteller and educator. Coming out as transgender in 2016 she quickly found her voice whilst volunteering with trans peers and allies on the Freedom NH nondiscrimination campaign. She became a member leader with Rights & Democracy (RAD) and advocate with ACLU-NH, joining RAD staff as their Media Production Coordinator and Organizer in 2018. She has emceed events large and small and has presented speeches at many others, including the 2017 Labor Day Celebration featuring Bernie Sanders, Concord’s 2018 Woman’s March, and the annual Trans Equality Rally in Manchester NH. She continues to volunteer with the ACLU, lending her voice to panel discussions and educational events across the state of NH and beyond.

Ms. Amy Lamb
Transformation Artist

Amy Lamb is the owner and Transformation Artist at JUST YOU. She was born and raised in Hawaii and now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Amy has been doing makeup professionally for over twenty-five years. Amy started doing makeup simply because she wanted everybody to feel as beautiful as they could. “I went to school in Honolulu, Hawaii and didn’t feel that I could truly help people unless I could teach them. Who wants to only feel beautiful for a day? We all have the need and want to learn to be the best that we can be all the time so I furthered my education and became a licensed technical trainer, in makeup application. I've learned many tricks of the trade including makeup for different nationalities, the art of photographic makeup and techniques for transformations." Amy believes that practice makes perfect and we never stop learning. Seasons change, techniques change, and with so many changes in style, we still have to create a beautiful face that matches the times. “I do believe that with my knowledge and support, together we can create the look of your dreams. My clients are not just customers they are family, and I would like to invite all of you to join our family and visit us in Las Vegas or come out to one of the many conferences we attend." I would like the opportunity to Share with the First Event Conference some Techniques that I have learned through out my years of business and experience.

Ms. Marie Lamonte

I'm a professional in the biopharmaceutical industry, living in New York City. I identify as non-binary or gender queer. I've been active in the transgender community for seven years.

Shane Landrum

No Bio Provided

Manon Lapointe

No Bio Provided

Robert Lapointe

Licensed to practice law in all Courts in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts and the US Tax Court. Has been an author and editor of the New England Law Review. Set up a private practice in 1990 as a general practice focusing in Bankruptcy, Family Law, Commercial Litigation and Taxation. Has represented the community in various areas of litigation especially in bankruptcy, divorce and family law matters and is certified as a Divorce Mediator by the Rhode Island Family Court.

Heather Leigh

Heather Leigh is a trans ally and has been an advocate for over 10 years, when her dear friend came out to her. She hosts a monthly transgender event called DIVA Social in New Haven, CT at Partner's Cafe. This event is in its 4th year and is a great place to meet like minded people while dancing and socializing. In her spare time she is a mother of 2, a 17 and 11 year old, and an Event Coordinator at Yale Law School . This year she is the Social Chair of First Event.

Dr. Sherman Leis
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Gender Specialist

Sherman N. Leis, D.O., F.A.C.O.S. is Professor and Chairman of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at The Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. He is Board Certified in General Surgery and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and specializes in all types of transgender surgery. He is Director and Chief Surgeon at The Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery. In addition to surgical services, the Center provides referrals to a team of professionals who have expertise in servicing the surgical and non-surgical needs of transgender individuals and is one of the few comprehensive centers of its type in the United States. Dr. Leis is the Founder of a Residency Training Program in Philadelphia and over the past thirty years has trained many plastic surgeons and gender reassignment surgeons practicing across the United States.

Ms. Kristine Lessard
Sales Account Manager

Kristine Lessard is a Sales Account Manager at Oracle Corp, a Fortune 1000 company providing Cloud, Software and Hardware solutions. She has worked in technology for over 25 years. Kristine grew up in Lynn, Mass. and graduated from Bishop Fenwick High School then earned a Bachelor's degree at Georgetown University. In September 2019 she completed her MBA degree in the UMass Isenberg Online MBA program. She currently lives in Somerville with her husband of 24 years and has 3 children Celine age 23, Graham age 22 and Marie age 16. Kristine is an Employee Resource Group leader of the Oracle Pride Employee Network LGBTQ+ and Allies, previously serving 4 years as New England lead and 2 years on the Board as North American Membership Chair. She came to this role via her life situation as a parent of a transgender son, Graham, who recently graduated from Ithaca College and now works in New York City doing costuming. Kristine was an active participant in Freedom Massachusetts, the grassroots group which succeeded in gaining and retaining legal protections for Transgender people in Public Accommodations in our State. She was a Workshop Presenter at the Out and Equal Workplace Summit in 2018 and 2019, and is a PFLAG Support Group Facilitator for parents of transgender/GNC groups. She also sings Alto in Chorus pro Musica of Boston.

Mr. Noah Lewis
Trans Health Project Director

Noah E. Lewis, Esq. (he / him / his) is director of the Trans Health Project at Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund (TLDEF), where his work focuses on eliminating barriers to insurance coverage for transgender-related health care. Noah originally joined TLDEF as a Staff Attorney in 2010 and he went on to hold interim positions at Transgender Law Center, the National LGBTQ Task Force, and a ran solo law practice serving transgender clients. Prior to re-joining TLDEF, Noah was the founder and executive director of Transcend Legal for three years. The organization focused on challenging trans health exclusions, including representing Queer Eye’s Skyler Jay in successfully eliminating such exclusions at the University System of Georgia. Noah was awarded a Harvard Public Service Venture Fund Seed Grant and an Arcus Leadership Fellowship for his work. Noah is a co-chair of the NYC Bar Association’s LGBTQ Rights Committee and is a past recipient of the Committee’s Arthur S. Leonard Award recognizing compelling commitment to LGBT equality through the law. In 2005, Noah became the first openly transgender student to graduate from Harvard Law School, where he worked to eliminate trans health exclusions in student and staff health plans.

Charlie Lindley

Transgender woman and psychiatrist. Affiliated with HMS since 1985.

Andrea Lovett

Andrea Lovett has been performing and teaching storytelling professionally for twenty-seven years. She is the recipient of the New England Storyteller's Brother Blue and Ruth Hill Award and The Oracle Award from the National Storytelling Network . Lovett was the first to create a workshop for personal short stories for performance in New England. She has performed and taught this workshop nationally.

Mr. Parker M

Michael and Parker are a moderator and frequentor of the local support group Compass for transmasculine individuals. Michael has been working to support transmasculine people and connect them with resources and community, both locally and online, for over 20 years. Parker is one of the many people Michael has connected with resources over the years. Parker is a mid-20s Boston-based working professional who transitioned in college.

Maddie Makara

Mädchen (Maddie) Satya Makara fully came out as a transgender woman four years ago. She works as an attorney in Boston and previously spent sixteen years as a saxophonist and guitarist in the U.S. Marine Corps. and Mass. Air National Guard. She brings some practical advice and insights to this workshop, shaped by her interests in psychology and spirituality over the past twenty years. Maddie currently resides in Charlton, Mass., with her wife and six year old daughter.

Ms. Alison Mandible

Alison has been organizing speed dating events in the Boston area since 2011, along with the other creators and organizers of Poly Speed Dating and a huge team of volunteers.

Ms. Linda Marks
Body Psychotherapist and Singer-Songwriter

Linda Marks, MSM has practiced Emotional-Kinesthetic Psychotherapy, a heart-centered approach to body psychotherapy, for 35 years and has been a lifelong singer-songwriter. Linda has been a social architect and embodied leader since childhood. Helping others find their voice, feel empowered and embrace their natural leadership are Linda's passions, both as a singer coaching singers and in her healing practice. Linda has worked with people of many gender identities, including trans-folk and cross dressers for her entire career. She holds degrees from Yale and MIT and is on the Board of the Boston Association of Cabaret Artists, and is the co-founder of the Women In Music Gathering. She performs in major area venues including Club Passim, Scullers Jazz Club, the Burren, City Winery, Club Cafe, Amazing Things Arts Center and at coffeehouses, restaurants and private gatherings. Her most recent CD's are "Heart To Heart" (2015), "Coming Full Circle" (2016) "Say Yes To Love" (2017), "Singer/Songwriter" (2017), Moments (2018) and In Grace (2019).. The heart is at the center of all of her work, since the heart as a place of true identity, that helps us know who we are, and what we have to express.

Mrs. Leah Marone

Leah Marone is a psychotherapist who specializes in anxiety, depression, relationships, and Mindfulness. By having a variety of clinical roles in various states and countries, she has developed diverse professional experience and global perspective. Currently, Leah sees individuals and families at her practice in Charlotte. She is also sought out by corporations to work with executives and teams on improving communication, productivity and job satisfaction. Leah grew up in Indiana with a basketball in her hand. Sports have not only encouraged growth on a number of levels, but the experience challenged her to become more comfortable with vulnerability. Leah completed her Masters in Austin, TX and then proceeded to allow the "travels bug" to take over. Her passion for adventure has not dwindled, simply morphed. She has two daughters that provide her with a different kind of adventure and challenge her in ways that she never anticipated! Leah strives to provided them with the confidence to seek out their own adventures every day.

Mr. Jevon Martin

No Bio Provided

Mr. Micha Martin
CTMS Project Manager

Micha is a licensed social worker in the state of Massachusetts. He manages all inquiries and referrals for new and current patients seeking gender affirming care at The Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery at Boston Medical Center. Micha collaborates with treatment teams and community organizations to facilitate patient access to high quality care. Micha has assisted in grant development proposals, and research focused on increasing engagement in care, and medication adherence among MSM at risk for, or who currently live with HIV/AIDs. Micha has also provided case management for young adults transitioning out of the DCF Foster Care system. He has extensive experience working with children and families in residential settings, including wrap-around care after discharge. Micha has an MSW from Wheelock College where he focused on the integration of medical and behavioral health care for the transgender community, and reducing the obstacles that impact access to culturally competent care. He provides counseling, consultation, and assessment at Boston Medical Center, and is expecting the publication of his collaborative work focused on violence against sexual and gender minority youth in the spring of 2020.

Mx. Sol Martinez Guevara
Outreach Specialist

Sol Martinez Guevara has been facilitating group dialogues since 2013 when he received training through AmeriCorps’ Organizing Partnerships and Engagement in Neighborhoods program in their hometown of Portland, Maine, Sol is now Outreach Specialist for Boston Gay Lesbian Adolescent Social Services (GLASS) and is committed to building and sustaining intentional spaces for queer and trans people of color. A 2019 graduate of Wheaton College and recipient of Wheaton’s MLK Legacy award, Sol is a first generation American-Salvadoran and the first in their family to graduate from college. Passionate about creating safe spaces and dialogues to discuss common experiences we face, Sol wants queer and trans people of color to build their chosen families, make connections and mistakes and most importantly, simply be.

Tracy McKay

No Bio Provided

Ms. Laura Meeks
Speaker, Teacher, Coach

Laura is a unique individual and a captivating speaker. She captures her life experiences and shares them with grace and humor. Laura’s first career was as a USAF B-52 Pilot. In her second career she helped create a multi-million dollar consulting and software company. Now she delights people as a spiritual life coach and speaker. She uses her transition from a macho male pilot to outspoken female coach to connect audiences to her concepts! Laura made her transition in 2005. She has been married to Annie for 33 yrs and has 3 children and 2 grand children. Laura is able to connect to most anyone in her audience with her understanding of what it means to go after challenging goals, how to face setbacks and how to truly embrace change. If you want to connect with someone who knows change, Laura is your gal.

Dr. Toby Meltzer
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr. Toby Meltzer graduated from LSU Medical School in 1983 and is board certified in both General and Plastic Surgery. He did his General Surgery residency at the former Charity Hospital of Louisiana; his Plastic Surgery residency at University of Michigan; and a burn fellowship at Detroit Receiving Hospital through the Department of Plastic Surgery at Wayne State. He is an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He was the Chief of the Division of Plastic Surgery at the VAMC; Assistant Professor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Assistant Clinical Professor at Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU). He was President of the Oregon Society of Plastic Surgeons from 1995-1997. He is a reviewer for the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the Journal of Sexual Medicine and the Aesthetic Surgery Journal. Dr. Meltzer began at OHSU in 1990. He started private practice in 1996 in Portland, OR with privileges at Eastmoreland Hospital. He moved his practice to Scottsdale, AZ in 2003. He has privileges at Honor Health Care previously known as Scottsdale Healthcare and performs most of his cases at the Greenbaum Specialty Hospital. He performs approximately 200 Genital Surgery cases per year, both MtF and FtM surgeries including but not limited to: genital, facial feminization, breast augmentation, masculinization facial surgery, chest surgery, repairs/revisions and body contouring.

Marybeth Meservey
Nurse Practitioner

Marybeth is a nurse practitioner working with Yvonne Gomez-Carrion to care for TG people for the past 12 years. She is focused on giving individuals the information they need to make decisions about their health care. She has worked extensively with the staff of BIDMC to increase awareness, understanding, and sensitivity for all gender nonconforming individuals, whether they are patients, family members, visitors or employees of the hospital. Marybeth has worked at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for 30 years caring for traditional and nontraditional families in labor and delivery and then in ambulatory gynecology. She is passionate about human rights for all people and works to advocate for self determination for everyone.

Ms. Linda Mills

Linda Mills is a freelance Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Fine Artist and Art Educator living on Long Island, NY. She identifies as being Bi-Gender. Linda’s earliest memory of questioning her gender was around age 6. After many long years of searching she finally came to understand that she was Bi-Gender. In 1998 Linda started attending Chi Delta Mu (CDM), the greater New York/New Jersey chapter of Tri-Ess, eventually becoming the chapter’s Vice President between 2007 and 2010. It was in this role that she helped many of her local transgendered sisters come to understand themselves and to embrace who they are. (Linda will also be the first to admit that she is a huge science fiction/fantasy geek and is proud to have been able to turn that passion into a career. If you want to talk about geeky POP culture she's your gal!) You can reach Linda at lindacdny@gmail.com.

Karen Millsap
Mindset Coach

My passion was fueled by my own unimaginable life experience. At only 29 years old my husband, Richard, was tragically murdered at his gym. I immediately sunk into a fog, and I couldn’t find my way out. Until the day I realized the power of choice - that’s when I shifted my mind and started on a quest to rebuild my life. Along the way, I discovered healthy habits and lifestyle changes that helped me find my way back to a whole heart and a healthy mindset. Now, I share practical advice and life strategies that provide tangible results and skills to help people push through the everyday challenges we all face in life and work. Today, I am a TEDx speaker and sought-after mindset-coach and strategist. My story has been featured on Forbes, Good Morning America, and MSNBC and I have worked with individuals, groups, and corporate clients like Sprint, Universal, Golf and HubSpot. I’m also a regular contributor to Arianna Huffington’s THRIVE Global.

Jessica Mink
Activist and astronomer

Jessica Mink is an astronomical software developer, bicycle and open space activist, parent, and transgender woman. She transitioned in 2011 after decades of thinking about it, and has picked up more activities since, including multiple professional committees (both national and interntational), presiding over a local greenway council, initiating efforts to preserve urban open space, and a spot of acting. She is involved in diversity and inclusion work (not just for gender identity) in her professions and avocations. She also teaches religious history and sings in the choirs at her Unitarian Church and is slowly writing a memoir. She doesn't sleep enough...

Mx. Dee Moore

Dee Moore (they/them) is a white queer nonbinary femme that grew up in the South and is now based out of Boston, MA. They are an experienced facilitator, youth worker, and artist that prioritizes holding space and processes of unlearning thoughts and behaviors created by systems of oppression. They believe in the power of relationship building, story-telling, and art as ways to work towards liberation. Much of their work, both artistic and community based, centers around narratives of mental illness, grief, queerness, resiliency, and race. Dee is currently working on a Masters of Fine Arts in Visual Arts at Lesley College of Art and Design. In this work, they are exploring concepts of representation in art, the relationship between performance art and activism, and the creation of self through storytelling. Dee also received a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology from Simmons College in 2016 with minors in Social Work and Graphic Design. They are also an avid reader of queer young adult fiction, nap enthusiast, and TV marathoner.

Mx. LB Moore
Behavioral Health Clinician

LB Moore, M.Ed. (Pronouns: They/Them) is a behavioral health clinician at Boston GLASS, a community-based organization providing a continuum of services to LGBTQ+ youth of color ages 13-29. In addition to their individual outpatient therapy and group work, LB is involved in community-based research and possesses a background in sport coaching, sport officiating, sport participation, and sport psychology. As a white, trans, NB, Jew with disabilities, LB is passionate about engaging, challenging, pushing, and nurturing their personal and professional intersectional anti-oppression work.

Ms. Sarah Moore

Sarah A. Moore is a proud member of the Vanity Club who has a passion for helping her community and all victims of crime. She is a veteran Police Officer that has served as a patrol officer, SWAT team operator and is currently assigned as a detective to the crimes against persons unit. She is a court certified expert witness, has authored felony legislation, testified before the legislature and is a tireless advocate for the rights of victims of crime. She works with local, state and national organizations to improve the law enforcement response to crimes involving at risk and diverse people groups. She is a respected trainer that presents to a variety of audiences including the public, law enforcement, medical/mental health professionals, victim advocate and other groups.

Melissa Morton

Melissa Morton is an attorney-turned-accountant who has been interested in history for many years. Melissa graduated from Davidson College with a B.A. degree in history. While attending law school at William & Mary, Melissa worked at Colonial Williamsburg as a costumed interpreter. Melissa occupies the narrow niche of crossdressing historical reenactors, and has a growing reputation among Civil War reenactors. She has a collection of period reproduction dresses, and is now reaching further back in time to re-create the fashions of the 18th century.

Dr. Jessica Moy
Doctor of physical therapy + mindbody wellness coach

Jessica was born and raised in the DC metro area received her BS in Kinesiology at the University of Maryland. Growing up as a gymnast and competitive athlete, she developed a fascination for the human body’s resiliency from experiencing many of her own personal injuries. She went on to complete her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at the University of Maryland, and began her practice with a focus on orthopedics and athletic performance. After moving to San Diego, she further developed an interest in a broader scope of healing and became yoga instructor in hopes of melding her anatomical expertise with an individualized, total body approach to help others achieve their goals. Since then, her journey to guide others in the healing process has gone on to encompass more than just the physical body, but also became trained in reiki and sound therapy as she continues to explore eastern and western modalities and how they can complement each other. In addition Jessica is currently entrenched in continued education in mindbody therapy from a psychotherapy lens and is truly melding the mind and body together to provide a holistic space for her clients. Jessica now hopes to expand the space for true mind, body, and soul connection through mindbody wellness coaching, holistic movement, and personally tailored programs as well as speaking to larger audiences to help continue shifting the paradigm to complete wellbeing for people from all backgrounds.

Dr. Declan OConnor

Dr. Declan O'Connor has been an public school educator for 25 years. He is in his 6th year as Principal of a successful turnaround school in MA. Declan decided to share the truth about his journey and identity as a transgender man with his school community in the spring of 2019. He was received with overwhelming support from the city, the major and city counsel, his district and school committee, and most importantly (to him) by his staff, students and their families. But the process of sharing his story with his communities was not without significant obstacles and complex challenges. Declan understands the unique complexities of coming out when you are the leader of your organization and he wishes to share the strategies he employed to navigate the political and social landscapes in his organization as well as the supports he sought to make this transition on the job, with other leaders building the courage to do the same. The media coverage of his public story can be found at https://www.masslive.com/news/2019/06/i-was-living-two-different-lives-springfield-middle-school-principal-declan-oconnor-comes-out-as-transgender.html and https://www.masslive.com/news/2019/06/at-pride-flag-raising-springfield-principal-declan-oconnor-says-hes-been-met-with-warmth-and-respect-since-coming-out-as-transgender.html

Mrs. Tris Ogram Buckley

Tris is a 30-year-old performing magician. After coming out to herself as trans two years ago, she began applying her magician's understanding of perception to the task of transition. Knowing that voice is one of the strongest gender signifiers, she started working on her voice early. Through independent work and formal voice training with Dr. Leslie Mahler at URI, Tris achieved a "passing" female voice in a very short time, and has insights to share on things that often frustrate trans women who are working on their voices.

Mr. David O'Leary
Board Chair, Greater Boston Chapter American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

No Bio Provided

Valerie Overton

No Bio Provided

Mx. Chris Paige

Mx Chris Paige is an OtherWise identified creative, organizer, and coach. They are the author of OtherWise Christian: A Guidebook for Transgender Liberation, Christian Faith and Gender Identity, and the forth-coming OtherWise Christian 2: Stories of Resistance. They are xo founder of Transfaith, a national, multi tradition, multi racial, multi gender organization by and for transgender people.

Nico Pang
Leadership Development Coordinator at BAGLY

Nico Pang is a queer and trans Asian American youth worker, poet, and teaching artist. At BAGLY (Boston Alliance of GLBTQ+ Youth), they work to develop and coordinate youth leadership programs, social support spaces, and advocacy initiatives. They oversee BAGLY’s Youth Leadership Committee (YLC), Speakers Bureau program, and the annual Trans Youth Summit. Nico is deeply committed to building communities and supporting safer spaces for LGBTQ+ youth, particularly transgender and nonbinary youth of color. Outside of BAGLY, Nico facilitates poetry writing and performance workshops for community organizations (most recently with teens at GrubStreet), and previously coached teams for statewide and national poetry slam competitions. Nico attended Tufts University and majored in American Studies with a focus on Race and Ethnic Studies.

Meghann Perry

Meghann Perry, CARC, is a Certified Addiction Recovery Coach, actor, storyteller and teaching artist. She shares her personal stories to show the human side of addiction and incarceration and to inspire people to work for change on these issues.

Erin Peterson
LICSW, CATCH Boston Medical Center.

Erin Peterson is a clinical social worker in the Adolescent Primary Care Clinic at Boston Medical Center, and co-runs the Child and Adolescent Transgender/Gender Center for Health, CATCH, with Dr. Mandy Coles at Boston Medical Center.

Mx. Quinn Reid

Quinn (they/them or she/her) is a bi-gender New Englander, sometimes a professional writer, and occasionally a community organizer. They co-organize a monthly non-binary social event in Burlington, Vermont.

Sara Reid

No Bio Provided

Mx. Alexander Renzi
Trans - Parent

I’m a 42 year old Transguy. I came out as trans at age 39 despite knowing who I really am since early childhood. I carried two pregnancies to term and am parenting two children, ages 5 & 7. I work at the Autism Alliance in Framingham. I am married. My interests include social justice, reading, video games and board games.

Bianca Robinson

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Ms. Rachel Rollins
self defense instructor

I consider myself Transgender. I have been married for 31 years. I have raised two children who love and support me. I am an advocate for the trans community, I have been a construction worker for 37 years, and a self defense instructor for 9 years. I own and operate SENTINEL FIREARMS TRAINING LLC. I teach people how to stay safe, by using situation awareness, threat management , critical decision making , and in the gravest extreme, violence. I would like to submit , for your approval, a seminar on how to stay safe on the street, without firearms. This is great information for anyone, male or female, and you may preview some of my work , and see what the seminar would entail on my channel , RACHEL ROLLINS TRANS LIFE. Click on the PLAYLISTS icon to see my TRANS SAFETY TIPS series of videos. Once again, I would like to say that my seminar is suitable for anyone , and will not discuss firearms. I have trained over 5000 students and have lectured at over 500 courses. Please watch my work at YOU TUBE RACHEL ROLLINS TRANS LIFE. Thank you.

Ellyn Ruthstrom
Executive Director

Ellyn Ruthstrom is the Executive Director of SpeakOUT Boston, the oldest LGBTQ+ speakers bureau in the U.S. SpeakOUT trains speakers to tell their personal stories and engage audiences in dialogue about issues important to the LGBTQ+ community. Ellyn has been an activist in the community for nearly 30 years as an out bisexual woman, was the president of the Bisexual Resource Center for ten years, and co-organized the first White House Roundtable on Bisexual Issues in 2013. Ellyn was a state commissioner with the Massachusetts LGBT Youth Commission for two years while she was also the Editor-in-Chief of Teen Voices, a national feminist magazine and website created by, for, and about teen girls.

Ms. Natasha Savoy

. Natasha Savoy is the creative force behind My Changing Room, a transformation, makeup and photography studio in Boston. For the past 20 years My Changing Room has been a sanctuary of nurturing and understanding, a proving ground for the curious and a finishing school for the committed. Tabitha Beldon is a well-versed makeup artist and fun-loving fashion maven. She has brought so much insight and innovation to My Changing Room of Boston with her own brand of femininity - wise and winsome. Together these “fairy godmothers” enjoy sharing the transformation process and are delighted to create a sparkling experience visitors will cherish.

Karine Scheurer

After being married for 25 years, Karine Scheurer and her spouse are refining their new normal. At First Event 2 years ago she met a group of soul 'cisters' and it changed her life. Karine is a residential designer, artist and reiki master. She lives in southern MA.

Ms. Maria Semnack
RN, Center for Gender Surgery

Maria Semnack, RN is a nurse with more than 25 years of experience working in plastic surgery. Over the last 5 years she has assisted on more than 400 chest reconstruction surgeries at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and she is currently the nurse for the Center for Gender Surgery at Boston Children's Hospital.

Ms. Christine Shustak

Christine graduated from Vassar College with a degree in biology and liberal arts. She owns and has operated an IT consulting company since 1990, that services the medical industry. She also manages a retirement home for farm animals rescued from the slaughter pipeline, and cares for Jersey cows, horses, and a pig named Winston. She bakes bread, milks a family cow, takes classes in ballet, and operates her ham radio station.

Mr. Adam Simon
Director Odyssey Teen Camp

Adam Simon is the founder and Director of a summer camp in the Berkshires called Odyssey Teen Camp. He started the camp nineteen years ago. Today the camp is a wonderful haven for transgender, genderqueer, gender creative and gender questioning teenagers. Dr. Gennifer Herley is a Psychologist and a Transformational Life Coach who helps individuals develop A Better Life for Their self, with Their Partner and Their Family. She is the Executive Director of TransNewYork a non-profit organization. She is a transgender woman who is currently transitioning. TransNewYork is a transgender platform and community built on the importance of collaboration, unique expression, and individualism.

Colleen Simonelli
Vice President, Inclusion, Diversity and Organizaitonal Development

No Bio Provided

Dr. Deborah Smith
BodyPrime Founder and CEO

Dr. Deborah Smith is CEO and Medical Director for BodyPrime Health, a new venture focused on musculoskeletal and lifestyle health optimizing human performance and functioning through the delivery of personalized and transformative health and wellness products and services. In conjunction with this new venture Dr. Smith is the Co-Executive Director of Corporate Lifestyle Health, a Texas-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit which will deliver business-oriented transformative lifestyle health services. Dr. Smith has an extensive background in both academic and corporate health settings. Early in her career Dr. Smith was part of the Internal Medicine faculty for the University of Kansas School of Medicine, and subsequently enjoyed over 20 years of corporate health care management experience with the Boeing Company. In 2018 Dr. Smith was honored to receive the Washington State Athletic Training Association’s Physician of the Year Award. Dr. Smith lives in Seattle and enjoys kayaking, cycling, cooking, and traveling.

Mr. Edwin Song

Edwin is a snekky boi who zooms around campus on a razor scooter and scares pedestrians.

Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

A double board certified surgeon with over 20 years of experience, Dr. Spiegel performs more than 1,200 surgical procedures each year. He has been recognized as one of the top 5 facial plastic surgeons on the East Coast, and one of the 15 most influential plastic surgeons in the world. Recognized by his peers as an expert in the most complex revision surgeries, Dr. Spiegel often gives talks on his experience in plastic surgery, and particularly his work with Facial Feminization Surgeries.

Dr. Onir Spiegel

Dr. “Onir” (pronounced Oh-near) has years of experience in facial aesthetics and takes care of some of the most famous faces who travel from near and far for her opinion and expert touch. Dr. Onir started her career interested in oral health, and received two doctorate degrees from both New York University and Boston University. She has been the recipient of awards for both her cutting-edge medical research and her technical skills as a dentist. She discovered a passion for aesthetics and has combined Dr. Spiegel’s innovative methods with her own careful eye for detail and gentle technique to provide outstanding results with Botox™, Dysport™, Xeomin™, Restylane™, Restylane Lyft™, Juvederm™, Voluma™, Radiesse™, Sculptra™, Kybella™, Volbella™ and other facial injectables. She is passionate about her patients and ensures safety, comfort and satisfaction. Trust Dr. Onir for the most natural and beautiful results. Patients from Los Angeles, New York and Miami routinely plan their social calendars around trips to Boston to see Dr. Onir. She even does Dr. Spiegel’s treatments!

Noelle Spinosa
Hair Specialist & Nurse Injector

Noelle Spinosa owner of a hair salon specializing in hair additions, hair extensions and hair care for the LGBTQ community. Over 25 years experience helping people in transition. Most attempt to change their hair and a wig is not the only option. WIgs can prohibit hair growth, look unnatural and may prohibit hair growth. We offer a variety of aesthetic solutions to create a natural look from color selection, style and advanced training for maintenance. Deb Fauci has been working with the community to help grow hair with great results! Deb owns a medical spa and she is a nurse injector. Together we have worked with many to grow their hair with PRF and Acell. This technique is less costly than a hair transplant and wakes up dormant hair follicles. This allows for her patients hair to grow on the top of the head and/or other areas, which allows for natural looking hair additions or none at all! Her skills also help in using facial techniques to create a feminine look without surgery! We would like to educate the community on these approaches for amazing hair without costly wigs. Many also need training in managing their hair and or additions, we intend to show some techniques on styling, upkeep and color selection.

Mr. Jack Sturm
Jack Sturm

My name is Jack, I identify somewhere on the transmasculine / non-binary path. I was born in a small town, grew up in a small town and still to this day live in a small town. As a young kid, I knew that I would like being a boy better than being a girl, I loved being referred to as a tomboy. It never occurred to me that I could make it happen, even when I understood the concept. I was resigned. College years came and went and I became comfortable with my bisexuality. For someone who took their bible more seriously than the rest of their family, who opted for Catholic School, this initially felt like a huge sin. It is something I got over. Now I am a working professional. An open trans man, who is happy in who he is becoming. I have a great support system in my employers, family, friends and fiancee. I still struggle sometimes, but I am happy to be alive.

Ms. Phyllis Swanson-Welton
Asst. Vice President

Phyllis is a professional in the Boston area within the Financial Services industry, who is active in the movement to promote LGBTQ equality in the workplace, particularly with regards to Transgender visibility and participation. Phyllis' own experience of gender transition and issues related to work have led her to help other Transgender people position themselves successfully to gain meaningful employment, while also influencing the work environment to be more positive and open to the unique contributions that Transgender people bring to the workplace. Phyllis resides in Ayer with her Partner and her college aged son.

Lindsey Taub
Image Consultant

Lindsey Taub is an Image Consultant working in the Washington DC area. Eleven years ago she was given an opportunity to work for one of the top ten-luxury retailers in the world. Seeing the fashion firsthand and how beautiful it can be, paled in comparison to watching clients' awe-inspiring transformation with just the right garment, color, or fit. Playing that supportive role in matching how a client feels internally with their outward appearance turned into a passion for her. In 2014 she received a certification in Image Consulting and has since taken Color Intensive training from the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Julie Thompson
Medical Director of Trans Health

Julie joined Fenway Health in 2010 as a primary care provider and specializes in LGBTQ health, high-resolution anoscopy, and is an HIV Specialist through the American Academy of HIV Medicine. In 2018 she was named Medical Director of the Transgender Health Program, previously serving as Co-Director since 2016, and works to guide Fenway’s multidisciplinary team approach to provide high-quality, informed care to the gender diverse community. Julie is also core faculty on TransECHO and TransLINE, both of which are transgender medical consultative services for health care providers across the country.

Ms. Elena Joy Thurston
Professional Speaker

Elena Joy Thurston is an inspirational speaker, a transformational retreat leader, and a writer. She grew up in a turbulent and abusive home, joined the Mormon church as a teenager, put herself through college, married and birthed 4 beautiful children, and then fell in love with a woman. That's when the story goes off the rails but it'll keep you locked in, without a doubt. These days, Elena Joy is teaching others all she's learned regarding self-awareness, getting the most out of therapy, and transitioning with fire. Elena Joy was a recent speaker at TEDxCOS, she has been interviewed on numerous podcasts, and hosts multiple retreats and workshops every year.

Marc Tierney

I claimed 'Marc' for myself 12 years ago when I was 43 a married lesbian with two small children. From that point in time life became both simple and very complicated all at the same time. Today, I am married and the father of two challenging teens on the south shore of Boston. And that is way more complex than that simple sentence.

Mx. Nic Tompkins-Hughes

Nic Tompkins-Hughes, is a social science researcher, community organizer, and advocate. Nic identifies as transmasculine non-binary, and uses they/them pronouns. Raised on Cape Cod, but with the support of a strong local gay straight alliance organization for queer youth, they have been fortunate to raise their two children in a home that is gender expansive. Nic’s lived experiences, as well as those of their trans community, have been an area of motivation and passion as they pursue education in social work and community organizing. Nic is also a photographer and Drag King in the Boston area, bringing experience and versatility to public speaking and event appearances. Other speaking experiences have included being a speaker, panelist, and panel moderator, at the Penny Arcade Expo in Boston, as well as a content developer and presenter at the Students for Immigration Advocacy fórum at Bridgewater State University.

Jo Troll

Jo Troll, an aroace trans choreographer, art-maker, and blogger, has a Graduate Diploma in Dance Studies at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. Originally an Irish dancer, Jo engages with challenging questions of tradition and identity to explore the intersection between different forms of percussive and contemporary dance. They recently have performed in the Femme Show, as part of OnStage Dance Company's Fifth Residency Season and in the Dancing Queerly Festival at the Dance Complex. Over the years, they have created work for amateur queer dance performance and as one of the first DUCKiE upstarts at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern in London. Jo also organizes regular queer dance workshops in a variety of styles to create safe dance space for queer folks in the Boston community and loves every minute spent dancing with fellow queer folks.

Rita Vaidya

No Bio Provided

Rita Vaidya

No Bio Provided

Athena Vaughn
Senior Transgender Health Navigator

DOesnt need one

Virginia Vedilago
Program Manager

Virginia Vedilago holds a Master’s in International Development from the University Carlos III in Madrid and has worked in Public Health for over 10 years, managing grant funded community-based projects related to access and equity in health care. Virginia held a previous role as the Project Manager for PATH (Plan and Act for Transgender Health). In her current role at the Fenway Institute, she is the Project Manager for the New England Transgender Health ECHO Program.

Ralph Vetters

Dr. Vetters is the Medical Director of the Sidney Borum Jr. Health Center, a program of Fenway Health. He is from Texas and Missouri and graduated from Harvard College in 1985. His first career was as a union organizer in New England for workers in higher education and the public sector. In 1998, he went back to school and graduated from the Harvard Medical School in 2003, after also getting his masters in public health at the Harvard School of Public Health in maternal and child health. He graduated from the Boston Combined Residency Program in Pediatrics at Boston Children’s Hospital and Boston Medical Center in 2006 and has been working as a pediatrician at the Sidney Borum Health Center since that time. Dr. Vetters focuses on providing care to high risk adolescents and young adults, specifically developing programs that support the needs of homeless youth and inner city LGBT youth.

Ms. Juliana Wall
Ops Manager and Public Speaker

I am a transgender woman who was assigned male at birth. I built a career in the transportation industry over the last 18 years in a heavily male dominated field where hyper masculinity is prevalent. In doing so, my masculine persona become more and more incongruent with my true self. Finding practical ways through therapy and reflection I was able to transition at work and live full time as a woman. Changing my voice was one of the biggest challenges to this transition and it is the basis for sharing my story.

Mr. Winson Wang
Corporate Banking Associate

No Bio Provided

Mr. Sam Ward

Publicly open, transgender male, living in the MetroWest Boston area. Sam is a seminarian at United Lutheran Seminary and a candidate for ordained ministry, in Word and Sacrament, in the New England Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Sam's home congregation is located in Holliston, MA.

Miss Ashley Webb
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I work at a community health center and own a private practice in Norwich CT. I work daily with LGBTQIA youth, adults and families.

Ms. Kathy Whitham
RN, Parenting Coach

For over 10 years, Kathy Whitham, RN, Parenting Coach, has worked with hundreds of parents in workshops and dozens with one-on-one, in-depth coaching, helping them avoid power struggles and nurture deeper, more connected family relationships. As the mom of a son who came out as transgender 12 years ago, at age 20, she has intimately experienced many of the feelings and challenges that come from raising a transgender or gender non-conforming child. Kathy is passionate about giving children a voice and contributing to an emotionally healthy world.

Dr. Coleen Williams

Dr. Coleen Williams is a clinical psychologist who is employed full-time with GeMS, Department of Endocrinology, at Boston Children’s Hospital. Dr. Williams is a member of the gender diverse community and identifies as non-binary (they/them pronouns). They received their doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Hartford and completed their APA-accredited internship at Michigan State University Counseling Center where they specialized in cultural competency/racial responsiveness. Their APA-accredited fellowship was as the LGBTQ Inter-Professional Care Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Bedford VA Medical Center. Their second post-doctoral fellowship was with GeMS, BE-U, and Urology at Boston Children's Hospital. At GeMS, Dr. Williams meets with gender diverse youth and young adults while specializing in providing interdisciplinary gender-affirming care. In addition to providing an array of clinical services, they often consult with clients and families regarding school-based and organizational policies about gender diverse youth participation in athletics and physical activity.

Mark Williams

Mark Williams (he/him/his) is a bisexual trans man who has been engaged in LGBTQ and feminist activism since his teens. He is a long-time attendee of First Event, and regularly volunteers at the conference. Mark's interests include gender and sexuality, spirituality, health and health care, body positivity, arts and culture, and social justice. He lives north of Boston with his fiancee, plus 5 cats and a snake.

Sylvia Jane Wojcik

April is a professional dance instructor with over 20 years of experience and currently teaches American Rhythm and Smooth dances at Ballroom Fever in Enfield, CT. She has also competed professionally, winning several first place finishes. April is very supportive of the transgender community. When one of her (MTF) students mentioned how dancing as a follower was of great benefit in presenting as female and approached her about doing a workshop on aspects of movement, or comportment, typically associated with female gender presentation at a First Event workshop, she readily agreed.

Mr. Ning X
future nurse practitioner

Ning is very excited about starting graduate school to become a nurse practitioner in fall 2020. He hopes to have a positive impact on trans healthcare by ultimately working in primary care. Ning is a man of trans experience. Ning is also a tech nerd and very proud Gryffindor.

Deb Zucker
GBPFLAG / LexPride

Debbra Zucker (She/her/hers) University of Wisconsin, BBA Debbra is a new member of the Board of Directors for Greater Boston PFLAG, an independent risk consultant and advocate for LGBTQ youth. She is the founder & co-chair of LexPride, a community of LGBTQ+ people, family members & allies in Lexington, MA and founder/co-chair of Lexington’s Student Health & Advisory Committee’s (SHAC) LGBTQ Subcommittee. Prior to becoming an independent risk consultant, she was the Global Liability Risk Manager for PepsiCo including multiple megabrands such as Gatorade, Frito Lay, Quaker, and Tropicana. She began her career with Marsh, Inc and later joined Willis Risk Solutions where she focused on complex liability risks and deal-related due diligence & integration/divestiture strategies. Debbra has served on several profit & not for profit boards, the largest of which were 2 of PepsiCo’s subsidiary companies: Mountainview Ins. Co., Inc & Hillbrook LLC, with combined revenues of more than $600 million. Debbra is a hockey mom who also enjoys hiking, snow skiing & the beach. She & her husband, Brett Zucker, live in Lexington, MA and have two middle school aged boys.