Learn How You Can Help at FE17

We always look forward to the people who volunteer to help at the conference.

We need you and we love you...

Once again we are excited that Shelley will be back as our volunteer coordinator to bring sanity to the crazy days for the FE staff team as we run around the floor of the hotel for five days.

Daily volunteers are usually asked to provide 4 hours of service to the conference and then are invited to attend workshops on their day of service. Lunch and snacks are provided for our volunteers.

Please note: We truly appreciate that many people come to First Event and ask us if they can help out in some way. As you might imagine organizing such a large conference is a full year job for the leadership and takes a good deal of work for the staff. We truly desire to have our planning and people known and ready well before the conference starts. This is important for those who want to volunteer also. We sincerely appreciate your understanding on this and look forward to your helping us at FE17.

If you are interested in volunteering to help at FE17, please email volunteers@firstevent.org

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